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Composition Writing 1


When? Late at night, during the holidays, an occasion

Where? At friend's house, at home, resort, relative's house

Who? Parents, Gray, Lucy, friends, people in the house

Why? They were planning to do it because they did not experience having a sleep-over.

What? Having a sleep-over, an occasion, celebrating an occasion

How? They thought that they needed to be occupied as their teacher told them to do


Event 1 Gray and Lucy planning for their first day of their holiday

Event 2 The day after, Gray was busy packing and Lucy preparing snaks and choosing some horror movies to watch at night

Event 3 They started their first activity which is 'Hide and Seek'

Event 4 So, when she was opening the jar, then it jumped out. When her step mother came in, the frog jumped on her shoulder

Event 5 In the end, her step mother found it as a joke and they cooked the frog for dinner.


Outcome 1 They were excited as time and days passed by as it was their first having a sleep-over. Outcome 2 Gray reached Lucy's neighbourhood near noon and they started their sleep-over. Outcome 3 After then, it was nearly in the evening so Lucy started the horror movie. She took out a jar with a frog which she caught near her garden. Outcome 4 Lucy and Gray were laughing her step mother as she was jumping like ants in a frying pan. Outcome 5 They enjoyed the frog and it tasted very delicious as they had never tasted it before.


After eating dinner, they went to sleep immediately and they enjoyed their holiday and they could not forget every single thing that happened. And they could not believe that they ate a frog..


Good words and phrasal verbs Laughed out loud her face turned red after laughter.