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Content Curation Tools - The Newsmaster Toolkit by Robin Good

Dead Pool

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RSS Publish to Web

RSS to HTML Web Publishing Tools Guide

How To Embed and Display RSS on any Web Page

RSS to JavaScript


CaRP Evolution



Other Tools

Miscellaneous Tools. RSS to OPML. RSSBus. FeedsAPI. You enter any feed URL or a static page URL and you get a better and cleaner feed URL (transforms in full feeds partial ones). Sensei FeedBooster. URL Encoder - Decoder. xFruits. OPML Builder. RSS feed search and browsing.

RSS Feed Syndication

FeedRollPro. FeedBurner. Postling. RSS Feed Promotion - Marketing. SuperFeedr. RSS Feed Submit. RSSTop55. Feedcat.

Filter RSS feeds

FeedRinse. FilterMyFeed. FeedSifter.

Combine & Filter Multiple RSS Feeds

FeedRinse. FeedKIller. FeedMix. Feedroll FeedCombiner. xFruits. Feed Informer. Blastacasta. KickRSS. FeedoStyle. RSS Mesh. CaRP Evolution. Syndicate Press. RSSMix. Blogsieve. FeedCombine. FeedJumbler. SimplePIE. PHP RSSReader. Virto Social Aggregator Web Part for SharePoint. Feederator. Chimp Feedr. FeedBite. Feed Weaver. Feed Stitch. Jumbra. Yahoo Pipes. RSS2Web. RSS Content Generator. sw download. Wordpress plugin. SharePoint Web Part for aggregating and displaying posts from various RSS feeds, combining blogs, news as well Twitter and popular social networks.. free. programming enviroment. can aggregate, mix and filter RSS content. Review. Review.

Create Web page - RSS Feed for any Topic

Feedwax. Create geo-localized RSS feeds for Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, Google and Bing News and more. Free to use.. Newsflashr. NewsfeedMaker. Kuratur. Easily curate cool, custom, automated content walls in minutes.. RSSGround.

Create RSS Feed for Any Web Page

FeedDude. FeedsAPI. Feed43. Feedity. RSSpect. Dapper. Generate RSS Feeds. Create RSS Feeds for Twitter. Create RSS Feed for any Facebook Page. Create RSS Feeds for Facebook Pages and Groups. Create RSS Feeds for Google+. Create RSS Feeds for Pinterest. CloudFlipper Create RSS feed for SoundCloud. Twitter List to RSS. Ponyfish. FeedBeater. Sociable article resource. Kristi Hines article. Wallflux. GPlusRSS. Sociable article. service dead from Aug.15 2011. dead 2012 feb.

Aggregators Doing Auto-Curation

Twitter Auto-Curation. Twylah.


Typepad Micro. Tumblr. Posterous. Shareist.

Curation via Re-Blogging

Reblog. Myst Blogsites. Collect - Read it Later Tools. In Pocket. ReadIt Later. Instapaper.

Bookmark and Highlight

Diigo. Meaki. Visual clipper expects a URL and then after capturing the page it allows you to select a pat of the page to clip and to annotate. iCyte. Perfect to preserve web pages as they are - pages can be collected into Projects -. Memonic. EverNote Web Clipper. Annotary. Miitla. Hopper.

Social Bookmarking Tools

Faveous. Faveous collects your favorites from Twitter, Google Reader Youtube & Facebook "likes on links" in one single place. Easy to curate, easy to manage.. Delicious Stacks. StumbleUpon.

Link Collections

BagtheWeb. LStack. Liiist. Licorize. Bundles. Google Bookmarks. KBucket. LiveBinders. Delicious Stacks. Learnfizz. Curatr. Kippt. Fav-links. MindIT. Creates linkmaps. Fav7. Creates bundles of seven URLs. MentorMob. Magzinr. Listal. SocialCompare. multiple link feature. for learners. Chrome extension. Creates web link tours.

Website Collections / Lists

Only2Clicks. Symbaloo. SpeedTile. BonzoBox. Transferr. Sqworl. JogTheWeb. Ranker. rank products available on Amazon into lists. Draggo. PointPad. SpeedyMarks. Fav20. Tizmos. QrateSearch. Urlist. Skloog. curate web sets but only privately. allows to create web sites sets but it is ad-supported. allows to create pubic web sets. JogEduc.

New Content Curation Tools Supermap Launched July 2013 with over 400 tools

Enterprise News Curation Platforms Enterprise Only - High Price - No Trial

OneSpot. DayLife. CIThread. PublishThis. Aggregage. Eqentia. Percolate. GetCurata/HiveFire. CurationStation. Subtopic. FeedMagnet. ConnectedN. StoryCrawler. FanNewscast (for Facebook). EditorEye. free trial. used to be $149 per Topic/mo. subscription based and ad-based models. aggregates RSS, Twitter. Review. multiple products. no demo or free trial. no pricing available. powerful features. Review. Review. live demo on request. monthly fee - N/A. review online. review online. No demo, trial, screenshots, pricing or other relevant information on the product specific features. one-time setup fee + monthly sub starts at $300 - varies with page views. aggregates RSS content, TW. leverages social indicators. mostly automated. free streams can created but no individual RSS feed can be added. $6K-$25K+/year. targeted at enterprise and big publishers. examples at work. user personalization, semantics, integrated social media, JSON API, branded sites, blog plugin. live demo on request. $1200-1500/mo. review online. from $289/mo. aggregates anything via bookmarklet + RSS-OPML, Twitter, Google Alerts, YT, FL + commenting. output via embed, RSS, API, PHP. manual or automated. great UI. Review. no trial available. demo avail on request. no pricing. Call Toll Free: (800) 618-076 for updated pricing info. Topic Pages. Top Stories. NextClick. I asked a test account and was refused it.

News Curation Tools for Independent Publishers Storify. Spundge. ContentGems (formerly Intigi). Lingospot for WordPress. MediaHeroes. ContentDJ. OpenTopic. FlipBoard. Zeen. iFlow. Montage. Commentto. pivoting into Sparkboxes. Software-Based. aggregates TW, FB, FL, YT, GG, GGNews, GGimg, RSS, links. Storination. starts at $99/mo. tour available - no free trial. Blogbridge. Storytlr. free. aggregates any RSS-based source. output to RSS, XML-RPC. Review MNM. Review MNM. requires server install.

Web Clippers and Organizers

Keeeb. Clipular. Mammoth. Dragdis. Keemix. Etceter.

Image Collections Mood Boards

Pinterest. Pinspire. Buamai. Juxtapost. VisualizeUs. ImageSpark. WeHeartIt. Vilize. Spaaze. Piccsy. Dropmark. Little Monsters. GentleMint. CowBird. Springpad. SampleBoard. LoveIt. Murally. Marqueed. Picocool. Dribbble. for designers. FFFFound. Boxnutt. DTime. Thinng. Clipix. Matboard. Olioboard. Perfect online app for creating mood boards for interior design. The tool's main purpose is to design a room in 2D or 3D and try it before you buy. But you can also use its preview of colour schemes and furniture choices to create an impressive mood board that you can save and share with friends and clients alike.. MoodShare. Musepeak. Glossom.

Video Curation

YouTube Playlists. MiroCommunity. DragonTape. Redux. Shortform. Magnify. ClipSyndicate. Magma. Yokto. Yubby. Blinkx. M86VuSafe. Embedr. Griddeo. Vodpod. Vidcaster. POPscreen. Zeeik. MyVidster. ClipPulse. Vidinterest. Vidque. MeFeedia. ReelSurfer. Viewerz. Crateplayer. YTPlaylist. Waywire. for iPhone and iPad. YouTube Playlist Editor. video curation for teachers and schools. Squrl. DragOnTape. Plizy.

Real-Time News Curation

Twitter News Curation. Twitter users curation. Basic Twitter Curation. Twitter Archiving. Hashtag, Keyword Curation. TweetRiver. Publitweet. ChirpStory. ExquisiteTweets. ZaPe. Dashter. BundlePost. Live Events Coverage and Curation. Nsyght. Twitter List. Formulists. ReaderRadar. Lissted. Twitter. Tweetdeck. Seesmic. Tweet Library for the iPad. Twapper Keeper. Hashcaster. aggregates Twitter only. Twitter curation for Wordpress. ScribbleLive. free trial. pro pricing N/A. aggregates and filter Twitter stories.

Fashion Curation

Svpply. Polyvore. StyleHive. Styloko. Nuji. Material Wrld. OfaKind. Closet Rich. Style Saint. Buyosphere. Discoveredd. SparkRebel. Springpad. ModCloth. StyleSeek. Feyt. Wisemarkit. Boutine. The Botton. Prawed. SocialBliss. Chicisimo. Kitsy Lanes. Monogram. Publish fashion magazine with curated shoppable items in it.

Product Curation

Wanelo. OpenSky. GetVega. BagCheck. Fab. Curisma. Olioboard. Etsy Treasury. Mistash. Loverly. KnackRegistry. The Cools. Referly. Threadflip. helps you discover and save wedding ideas in one, easy place..

Multimedia Curation

Yutzu. SooMeta. Surfmark. Middlespot. Dropmark. Personal portfolio curation. Bundlr. Projeqt. Joota. Moxtra. ZooTool. LookBookHQ. Flowboard. for Ipad.

Data Curation

Data Curation and Visualization. Crowdmap. Ushaidi. SwiftRiver. ManyEyes. Fwix. Kapost. GeoFeedia. DataSift. Freebase Gridworks. Sparkwise. video demo.

Timeline Curation

Beedocs. Dipity. Memolane. Timeline. Tiki-Toki. Timeglider. Timeline JS. Timerime. Timetoast. Xtimeline. Timekiwi. MyHistro. Storyplanet. Digital Timelines compared 2012.

Wordpress Add-Ons - Plugins SEO-oriented Content Curation Tools

CurationTraffic. CurationSoft. Instant Content Curator Pro. Page One Curator. SEO Content Factory. CurateXpress. The Social Buzz Club. MyCurator. WordPress plugin. B2B Content Engine. Content Curation App. Snapshot Social Media. Primal WorldPress Plug-In. Wordpress based.

Curation for Education / Learning

LibGuides. EdCanvas. Curatr. EduClipper. Avoca Learning. MentorMob. LiveBinders. Adobe Acrobat Portfolios. Textbooks curation. Creates web link tours. part of Acrobat XI. McGraw-Hill Create. AcademicPub. Bindworx.

Content Curation via MindMapping

Mindomo. PearlTrees. MindMeister. SlideBlender. WebTrendsMap. Visual Root. Best MindMapping Tools.

Curated Social Magazines

RebelMouse. Tint. OverBlog. Floost. Postano.

Social Media Curation

NewsPin. Swayy. Streamified. Rallyverse. Glypho. Faveeo. SeeJay. Launchit. LikeHack. formerly

Personal Portfolios

Pathbrite. Personal portfolio curation for education / career / life. Pressfolios. Infusd. Personal portfolio curation. Vizify.

Music/Audio Curation

Music Playlist Creation Tools List. HuffDuff. Mixcloud. Sworly. ListenItLater. SongDrop. Songcrate. Crateplayer.

App Curation

Overlapps. AppHero. Crosswalk. BestVendor. Hapoose. iOS app.

Content Curation Platforms

Squidoo. Hubpages. Wikipedia.

Search Curation

Blekko. SearchTeam. Google CSE. Zakta. Attrakt. QRateSearch.

Other Types of Curation

Newsletter Curation. Entertainment. Curating Comments and Conversations. Art Curation. Food Recipes & Cookbook Curation. Travel Curation. Document Curation. Mobile content curation. Curated News and Twitter Lists. FlashIssue. XYDO. River Echo. Marginize. Kapsul. Pictify. MyMet. Gojee. KeepRecipes. Pincolada. Visual Itineraries. Trippy. TravelAvenue. Tripline. Scribd. iSites. MobileRoadie. Storyful.



Dead Pool - RIP

Searcheeze. NextMags. It will be closed down officially on Dec.21st 2012. TrailMeme. Searcheeze. Publish2. Loud3r. Thoora Tablet. NewsRadar 2.0. Tattler. KeepStream. HabitStream. Mysyndicaat. Google Reader. Amplify. OneForty. Akinyo. Summify. LinkBuild. BlipSnips. Google Knol. CompanyCrowd. Clipmarks. Snipi. Glue. CapturetoCloud. Bibkosh. Chill. WebDoc. Slidestaxx. Lyst. Qrait. LookSoup. Now Docsmags. free. Link Newswire. soon to come curated news channels marketplace. Review. Review. It has become an hyperlocal self-serve advertising platform. Targeted at Newspapers. Review RWW. They say: Build out full topic sites as sections of your existing site Launch completely new standalone sites, apps and social media profiles Create content-rich email newsletter campaigns. Price N/A - No Trial. aggregates TW, (FL, PI, GG). RIP 2011. dead pool. never showed up. aggregates Twitter only. aggregates Amazon, Backtype, Context Voice, TW, YT, RSS. NOT AVAILABLE anymore. trial on request - monthly fee based on n. of feeds. aggregates RSS-OPML, Amazon, GGnews, YNews, Delicious, WPedia, and more. output to JS, RSS, PHP. Review MNM. dead as a curation tool 11/2011. RIP. toolkits creation. RIP 2009-2011. bought by Twitter. now Social Video App. Real-time filtering isn't curation, it's filtering. Qrait lets you combine real-time filtering and your own personal touch to create something of value that people trust.. development in standby.

Complete Guide to Real-Time News Curation - Newsmastering and Newsradars

Part 1 - Why We Need It. Part 2 - Aggregation is Automated, Curation is Manual. Part 3 - Real-World Examples. Part 4 - Process. Part 5 - Skills. Part 6 - Tools. Part 7 - Business Apps and Trends.

Content Guide to understanding Newsmastering and Content Curation