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REVIEW: Leonard Pitts Jr's "Before I Forget"

I recently read columnists Leonard Pitts Jr.'s "Before I Forget". I'll use this mind map in place of a traditional book review.

Father/Son relationships

Jack & Mo

Mo & Trey

Trey & DeVante

What if ...

...Mo was buried near the same cemetary plot as his parents?

...Mo had arrived before his dad had died?

...Trey had decided to keep some of his Dad's archival items?

...Dog took the Judge up on the Judge's offer for Dog to stay away from Ronnie?

Missing from the book

Jack & Trey. Pitts failed to make the connection with Jack and Trey's lives: how they both ended up in jail and for something that they did not do (though Trey did play a role in the crime that he went to jail for).. LaShonda's Mom. Pitts mentions that DeVante has lost his mom, grandmother and grandfather. However, I don't recall what happened to the grandmother. But I did not think that she died. Is he implying that he lost her because she probably won't be a part of his life?. Dog. There was no closure about Dog's decision to try to kill Trey (though he ended up killing Mo). I mean I know that the writing was design to create suspense, but Dog seemed so compelled to turn his life around. I wanted to know how he got back to taking the 'thug' role.. The Judge & Ronnie. I wanted closure on these characters too. How'd Ronnie feel: Did she reflect on using Dog as a pawn to get back at her father? How'd she feel about Dog and his decision to murder and then take his own life?. Cooley. There was a brief mention of Cooley attending Mo's funeral, but I thought that there might be more .... The Aunts. I thought that the aunts would have been mentioned as attending Mo's funeral.. Trey 1. Isn't it true that Trey had better watch his back? I can't imagine him getting through his sentence w/o some sort of retailation from Fury and Cedric.. Trey 2. There was no mention about how Trey was dealing w/the death of his grandfather and father in such a short period of time.. Phillip. How does Phillip feel about taking in DeVante? Even though Phillip sees the difference in Trey. Really, why does Phillip stick w/Tash?. Depressing 1. What I thought was missing in this regard was Pitts could have made a connection here. It seems that everyone was up against obstacles and about to break or broke: --Tash (about to break) --Mickela (broke) --Dog (broke) --Dog's Mom (about to break) --Fury (about to break/broke). Depressing 2. What's w/all of the death? and disease? --the robbery and killing the store clerk --Jack dying from cancer --Ruth's tragic death --LaShonda and her baby --Dog committing suicide --Mo's suicide/murder --Phillip's wife.

Relationships w/Mothers

Trey & his mom. LaShonda & her mom. Dog & his mom. Mo & his mom. Phillip's girls and their mom. Ronnie & her mom.