Emotional Growth


Emotional Growth




Personal Growth


(Emotional) Growth ...

... is a process characterized by

... a change of an individual's Emotional Structure


... towards a more mature state,


... i.e., "development"


development, by definition has a direction - direction in turn needs a frame of reference

El crecimiento (emocional) es un proceso caracterizado por el cambio de la Estructura Emocional de un individuo hacia un estado más maduro, es decir, de desarrollo.

The "Plant Growth" Metaphor


[La Metáfora del crecimiento de las plantas]

Edith Stein describes the formation of the “spirit” as "a developmental process similar to that of the plant." [12]


Growth is an inherent property of life.

El crecimiento es una propiedad inherente a la vida.

Life itself is the force that drives growth.

La propia vida es la fuerza que impulsa el crecimiento.

Without guidance, growth can be directionless, even chaotic.

Sin orientación, el crecimiento puede carecer de dirección, incluso ser caótico.

The environment, among other factors, greatly influences the direction and speed of growth - and, therefore, determines the quality of life.

El ambiente, entre otros factores, influye enormemente en la dirección y la velocidad del crecimiento y, por tanto, determina la calidad de vida.



The question of becoming...

One way to live is to experience the process of becoming.

What is the frame of reference?




Growth Process / Process of Emotional Growth


The most fundamental concept of human existence.

We must leave behind all of that which destroys us.



Debemos dejar atrás todo lo que nos destruye.

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