Emotional Maturity

Signs of immaturity



... is a state of someone's Emotional Structure that allows others to manifest their highest possible level of Emotional Self-Care - i.e. does not require others to decrease their level of Emotional Self-Care to satisfy this person's needs.

An implicit requirement for this definition is, that the overall quantity of goods and resources allows for this at least theoretically and the degree of existing or lacking equality in distribution is rather a consequence of the sum of the Emotional Structures of the members of a group.

"Scarcity" is the biggest lie of our time.

Emotional Structure


Emotional Self-Care


... is a state of the Emotional Structure that results from personal growth.

circular logic

... is the result of Emotional Growth.



(Emotional) Maturity is ...

... a phase of Emotional Growth

that is caracterized by ...

Problematic Definitions/Concepts

"... emotional maturity is when someone can manage their emotions no matter their circumstances."


"manage emotions"


"Managing" emotions is a contradictory construct. It is based on the assumptions that emotions can and even should be consciously controlled, i.e. "managed" - which is simply impossible. Emotions can be consciously suppressed, but that will lead to other - often surprising - outcomes. Emotions should rather be "processed" and also this needs definition, since the term is usually used inappropriately.

Processing Emotions


This concept is dangerous because it is the basis for many futile strategies regarding emotions which result in a waste of time and energy - both of which are precious in this life.