Emotional Narrative

Traumatic Narrative



The narrative of an experience which ...

... did cause the perception of emotions/feelings of a significant intensity

... causes emotions of overwhelming helplessness and/or emotional/physical pain when being verbalized and/or remembered,

... or both.




An emotional narrative is the simplest possible example for emotional stabilization:

Basically, let someone talk about a positive experience or something they love doing and you have performed the simplest possible act of emotional stabilization possible. At the same time, it is the least intrusive form and can be practiced in almost any setting, since it is purely conversational.

The only difference between a normal conversation and calling this "a method" is when you do it purposefully to trigger a positive emotion in the person you are interacting with.


It is never the details of a story that matter. At least not all the details. It is the emotion that matters. Details that support that emotion or are crucial for it do matter. But then the detail is not a detail any more.

The stuff that matters