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environmental pollution

Means any undesirable change in some features of the environment that negative impact on all life on Earth. These changes are generated naturally or by human action.

types of contamination

water contamination

Is the alteration of natural features mainly produced by human activity that makes it fully or partially unfit for human consumption or as life support for plants and animals. causes: Dumping of domestic and industrial solid waste, Discharge of domestic and industrial sewage,Dumping of waste oils and Oil spills.

soil contamination

It is the physical imbalance, chemical and biological soil negative impact on plants, animals and humans.  causes: Dumping of domestic and industrial solid waste, Dumping of waste oils, Indiscriminate use of agrochemicals, Deforestation, Oil spills and Mining tailings (toxic waste).

air contamination

is adding to the atmosphere of harmful toxic gases, CO, or other factors affecting the normal development of plants, animals and adversely affecting human health. causes: Smoke from the exhaust pipes of cars, Smoke from the chimneys of factories, Burning of garbage, Powder industrial (cement, gypsum, mineral concentrate.), Forest fires and Volcanic eruptions..

impact of contamination: global warming, greenhouse effect, destruction and disappearance of species, genetic mutations, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, melting icecaps, etc..