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There are too many.

Too many roads: new roads are built instead of rebuilding the old ones

Too expensive

Too many cars: pollution and noise increase

SOLUTIONS: extend the network of public means of transport


Earth resources are close to disappearance

Natural resources are limited and we are using them up so fast that they will soon run out.

Polluted air


Problems. Solutions. Concept map. Rising temperature. Pole layers and snow on mountains are melting. Rising sea level. More natural disasters. Some plants and animals are dying out. Reduce the emission of CO2. Use of alternative sources of energy. Safe sources of energy. Comply with the Kyoto protocol conditions.

Different species are in danger of extinction

Polluted water


There are too many industries

Building increase

CFC gases



Global warming

Acid rain

The cycle. The results.

Greenhouse effect

Kyoto Protocol

Not accomplished