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Fostering Software Craftsmanship

Software professional

We are young industry

Software engineering

Large projects

Many years

Safely critical

Huge number of people

Software problem

Shortcomings with SE and business. problem with people - interchangeable resources. There is a difference between having knowledge and having skill/experience.

Software development - Art or Science ?

struggle to find the right metaphor.

Pete McBreen's book

SC as the new metaphor.

How to do it

Evaluate - where you are



formalized interviews. TDD, testing. ATDD. CI. code smells. design patterns. design principles.



Pair Programming. Centralized Resources. situated learning and apprenticeship model. train your own successor. Wiki-based community. Educational material. make developers drive the content.

Measure Success

interviews. surveys. metrics. performance reviews.

What is it all about

Concept of taking responsiblity !. continuous learning. keep practicing. have pride in your work. green band. reject specialization. meet professional standards. pass on knowledge.