Things to Consider
Before Launching A Startup


Debt financing

Banks can provide you with a loan or line of credit that comes with a repayment schedule and an interest rate. 


There are also numerous state, regional and minority grant opportunities available. 

Equity Financing

Private or “institutional” investors in exchange for an equity ownership stake.

Venture Capitalists

Funding pros are serious players in the investing world who look to get their money and profits out as quickly as possible. 

Strategic Investors

Equity financiers who get their name because they come from within the industry you are targeting and find what you’re selling to be “strategic” for their business objectives (such as somehow complementing or enabling the products or services they sell).


Common reasons for startup failures

Yours Problems & Solutions

2014's Most Innovative Startups

Essential entrepreneur habits


Idea validation


Start small, scale afterwards

Get help from mentors

Organic growth

Measure progress

Take risks


Phases of Scaling

Opportunistic to strategic

narrow your market

targeted customer segments

identify areas with the most demand, growth and profitability

3M model

Projects to products

Ownership to partnership

People to process

Relationships to brands

Naming Tips

OMC Rule

no sound-alikess

name should tell a story

make it personal

not too practical

love it

You've finished your presentation