How to make a cover letter



Phone number

Email address


Name of hiring manager and their professional title

Name of the company to which you are applying

Your professional title

Your home address

Links to your professional websites

Your social media accounts

Your city of residence


Do you know the name
of the hiring manager?

Don’t start a cover letter with “Dear Sir or Madam.”
or "To Whom It May Concern"

Dear Joan,
Dear Miss Jones,
Dear Ms. Doe,
Dear Mr. McGregor

Dear Sales Team Hiring Manager,
Dear Hiring Manager,
Dear X Company Team,

Opening Paragraph

Be direct

Mention if someone referred you the position

State an accomplishment

Express excitement

Post Script

Place the P.S. at the bottom of your cover on the left

Type it in bold text OR italics.

Formal Closing

your full name

Yours truly,
your full name

Handwrittem signature is
optional but recommended

Closing Paragraph

Request a meeting or suggest a call

Third Paragraph

Start with a company fact

Your contribution

Second Paragraph

Express your qualifications

Examples of the work performed

Add your key competencies

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