How to write a literary paper

Start planning.

Organize your ideas.

Use the outline to do deeper research.

Continue developing your ideas in the plan.

More drafts.

The first one should help you organize the arguments.

The second one will help out with organization.

Ask someone else to read it and give you their feedback.

Overcoming writer's Block.

Give your self plenty of time.

Focus in your writing and not in the number of pages.

Try changing your writing format.

If you are stuck try making a separate free write.

Write in a detailed outline form.

Take a break and make sure that you have enough time to rest.

Analyze the text and think of your thesis.

Read and understand the text.

Chose the subject you will explore.

Develop your thesis.


Start out with a draft.

Start with from the begging, with the introduction to the essay.

Give context to the thesis, describe the text the essay is based on.

Give an example of what you will be drawing focus to.

Give evidence to support your thesis.

Give a good conclusion which highlights the importance of your thesis.

Edit your paper.

Print it out.

Remove words with no intention.

Make sure you are not repeating what you say over and over again.

In a paper there should not be references to the author. Remove any references you have to yourself.

Read out loud and from the end to begging.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes.

You've finished your presentation