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A focus on the effects of Industrialization, particularly on the cons and specifically on pollution and the ethics of this

Effects of Industrialization

Pros of Industrialization

Cons of Industrialization

Pollution (

What is Pollution?

"Undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities" (

What are the types of Pollution?

Air. Water. Land. Noise. Thermal. Radioactive. Planting incorrect trees. Transport systems. Factories. Dumping waste products. Dumping toxic substances. Dumping radioactive substances. Decomposition of solid waste.. Dumping of non-biodegradable materials.. Road traffic. Air traffic. Rail traffic. Industrial noise. Water used as a cooling agent in industrial facilities.. Powerplants creating electricity from the burning of fossil fuels.. Nuclear powerplants. Nuclear weapons. Disposal of nuclear waste. Uranium mining. Excess gas/ vapour emission into the atmosphere.. Saturation of chemical compounds.. Eutrophication. Release of pathogenic germs. Toxicification of chemicals into poisons.. Imbalance of chemical equilibrium to soil medium.. Incompatible Land Use (Wastage). Deforestation of the shoreline. Soil Erosion. Increase in overall global temperature significantly. Harmful radiation (Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays) are emitted. Global Warming. Acid Rain. Smog. Ozone Depletion. Disturbance in aquatic life. These rays penetrate into human skin and result in many harmful diseases, this effect is long-term and therefore has an impact on generations..

Is it ethical?

Pollution Control Needed. Awareness Needed. Carelessness. Unawareness/ Lack of understanding.

What is Industrialization?

"The development of industry on an extensive scale" (