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Deep Emotional Work


Deep Emotional Self-Care


Behrends, Matthias (2015): Courageous "Dots". Matthias Behrends - EMSA Medical Ethics Director 2005-2006. In Euromeds (SA Poland Edition), p. 77.


“[…] taking risks and being honest to yourself is scary sometimes, needs incredible courage. [...] It is the same courage you need to touch other people's lives.”

"I was disillusioned and frustrated by medical education. I was constantly wondering if I was wrong or the others, as most fellow students could not understand that I was - among other things - suffering from lacking contact to patients. And I doubted myself."

"Taking responsibility for [my] education in [my] own hands was a motto I lived up to my entire life."

"Search those who see and nourish the talents you hold deep inside of you."

Behrends, Matthias (2012): Studentisches Besuchsprojekt für PflegeheimbewohnerInnen. Vom Besuchen zur Sterbebegleitung. In Wolfgang U Eckart (Ed.): Handbuch Sterben und Menschenwürde. Berlin: De Gruyter, pp. 1979–1988.


Behrends, Matthias (2004): Conflicts of Interest - General Reflections and Ethical Implications. In Euromeds 2 (11), p. 7.


Behrends, Matthias (2004): Soziale und ethische Aspekte der Einführung des Diphtherieheilserums nach Behring und Ehrlich. Universität, Heidelberg. Institut für Geschichte und Ethik der Medizin.


Authored (or Co-Authored) by MB

Lauber, Heike; Behrends, Matthias (2009): Fall-Vignette "Häusliche Gewalt" für das Kommunikationstraining von Ärzten und Medizinstudierenden. Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg.

Case vignette "Domestic violence" for communication training of physicians and medical students. Heidelberg University Hospital.

MB had a role in the creation other than authorship

Bobbert, Brückner, Lilie (2004) Gutachten "Probanden- und Patientenschutz in der medizinischen Forschung“ erstellt im Auftrag der Enquete-Kommission "Ethik und Recht der modernen Medizin“ des Deutschen Bundestages. Deutscher Ethikrat.


Report on "Protection of Subjects and Patients in Medical Research" prepared on behalf of the Enquete Commission on "Ethics and the Law of Modern Medicine" of the German Bundestag

Savidaki, M., Demirtoka, S. & Rodríguez-Jiménez, RM. Re-inhabiting one’s body: A pilot study on the effects of dance movement therapy on body image and alexithymia in eating disorders. J Eat Disord 8, 22 (2020).


"We want to thank ... Matthias Behrends for his theoretical contributions regarding the guided imagery techniques ..."


[Authored by MB]


[Authored (or Co-Authored) by MB]


[MB had a role in the creation other than authorship]


Matthias Behrends

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