Human Nature


Meaning & Empathy

The fact if a person exhibits empathy or not and to which degree determines this persons' framework of meaning.

Meaning can be based upon different frameworks

Even a sociopath ...

by definition has no empathy

creates meaning usually around the individual's specific goals and objectives

The way of nature

The way of nature and the way of grace.

Empathy as framework to create meaning

I was wrong when I said:

Meaning Requires/Needs Empathy

Without empathy there is no meaning

Without empathy there is no meaning. / Without empathy meaning does not exist.--MB

pain ...

(own and of others)

... becomes meaningful / a guiding principle

reducing pain becomes a good

If we "should" base meaning on empathy

is a normative question



Meaning is a feature of human nature

Meaning is not exclusive to the human species.

Each species has their own framework for meaning.

There might be concepts that are even universal across species, like pain.

When we lose our sense of meaning in everything we do and think we lose everything.--MB

Is Meaning an archetype / archetypical (meta) construct / construct with archetypical properties?


We need words for meaning. Communicating meaning. Nothing else


mb - Focusing your life on experiences is so incredibly egoistic and small because these experiences end when your life ends rather focusing on building something that lasts is meaningful.

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