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Open Educational Resources

A site to organize information collected about Open Educational Resources.

Creation Tools

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Flip Video Cameras

Mimio Interactive Technologies




"Open content - aka open courseware, or open educational resources, or OER - can mean any use of the Web to share the fruits of faculty time, from curricula to lesson plans to texts to original research." - from DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of HIgher Education by Anya Kamenetz




Cerritos College Open Textbooks for Business. OER Handbook. Excerpts from Emerging Online Knowledge by Judy Breck. $2B for OER Resources - 2/7/11. 7 Things You Should Know about Open Textbook Publishing from EDUCAUSE.

National Names

Dr. Judy Baker-Foothill College, CA. Brian Lamb, UBC Vancouver CA. Cable Green, Creative Commons. Stephen Downes, Canada's National Research Council. David Wiley-BYU University. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative.

Resource Communities

College Open Textbooks Community. Open Course Library.


Open Education 2011 - Utah, USA. OER 11- Manchester, UK.

SCC Examples

CHM152. MATH-Livescribes. MATH 142 Videos. CHM151.


Where to Find. How to Make. Videos from Roberto Ribas on how to make YouTube videos for instruction.. YouTube EDU. YouTube. Ted Talks.


Academic Earth. National Repository of Online Courses. Open Courseware Consortium. UNESCO Open Educational Resources.


BBC Archives. Librovox - Free Audiobooks. iTunes University. Open Culture.


How to find free pdfs of textbooks on the web? Do a google search for Title, Author, free PDF and see what comes up.

Flatworld Knowledge. College Open Textbooks. CC Consortium for OER. Directory of Open Access Journals. Project Gutenberg. Google Books. FlexBooks. Textbook Revolution. Guide to using electronic Texbooks. Open Access Textbooks. The Orange Grove. Open Access Textbook Websites.


Flickr. New York Public Library Digital Gallery. US Government Photos and Images. Morgue File. stock.xchng. everystockphoto.

Content Aggregators

Merlot. Connexions. OER Commons. World Lecture Hall. World Lecture Project. Search by Creative Commons. Internet Archive.