Tragic Hero


Has a respectable position in the army

Plays a key role in the setting and key factors that get the story off the ground

Iago wanting positions as fuel for his plot

The reason they left Cuprus

Has genuine intentions (or atleast convinces himself he has them) when stressing over/killing Dese


Racism is a constant present

Became the one thing he swore he wasn't-jealous

Lost everything, including his own life

Poor Roderigo

Though not the main charaster or fitting of ALL of the tragic hero qualities he deserves a memorable shout out

Causes own downfall

Killed by deception of Iago and his own ignorance


Pitiful, pathetic grasp of hope throughtout the play

Unrequiented love for Desdemona

Unrelated to the main plot but is involved in a ploblem bigger than himself


Written in 1603

Based on the story Un Capitano Moro (A Moorish Captain)

A collection of 100 Stories

Setted in Italy

From Vennice to Cyprus

Like most shakesperian stories all men usually play the roles

Othello is seen as either one of the most romantic characters of Shakespiers or most egotistical


Black to White

Othello himself is a Black man in a 'White World'

His contrast in personality and role to the rest of the cast

The change of Othello's relationship with Desedemona

Jealousy Blinding Truth

Othello being pinned by himself and other as not being jealous

Iago is clearly jealous over Othello and, slightly, Cassio

Rumors and Deception

It's assumed that Iago's plan is but into actions by rumors.

It is never actually revealed as to why Iago plots against Othello other than her hates him/possibly slept with his wife

What ignited Othello's rage and turned the play onto the tragedy

Emelia was decieved onto hurting her best friend and her relationship...by her HUSBAND.


Intricate web of relations

Can be divided into Good, Bad, and Neutral

Othello-Main character/Hero

Cassio-Lieutenant/Focus of Rumor

Bianca-Mistress/Added drama






Roderigo-Pawn/Groveling Sidekick

Emelia-Wife/Middle Man



Every charater with a conformed marriage had it crumble (*cough* death *cough*)

Iago stabbing Emelia

Dangers of a purely lustful relationchip; loveless marriage

Obviously Othello smoothering Desdemona

Ironically, smothering could also reffer to smothering a relationship with too much love is just as unhealthy as no love

Cassio and Bianca were not married and had the 'most fulfilled' relationship at the end

Desedemona's father origionally rejects the marraige

Is the starting point/compliments the underlying tension


Represented Faithfulness

Also by what it represented to each person was a status of relationship to their signifigant other/plot

Desdemona had no intention of her losing it go awry but still cared for/worried over it/relationship

Cassio stumbles on it 'randomly' and it ends up setting his fate in stone/plot

It was a treasure to him though it drove him mad in the end/relationship

Unknowingly Emelia gave it to Iago to please him while it backfired on her in the end/reationship

Bianca did not want anything to do with it, she rejected it. /plot

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