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Phonetics: The Sounds of Language

Phonetics transcription

International Phonetic Alphabet

The IPA is considered as the best known transcription system. It consists of a symbol for each single sound.


These features are subunits of a word that reflect the articulatory aspects individually.

The Sound producing System

The larynx

This organ is the sound source where the vocal fords are located.

The glottal States

There are 4 positions of the vocal folds. Voiceless. Voiced. Whisper. Murmur.

The SPS enables the Speech production through an air supply (produced by the lungs) and a serie of filters (the pharynx,the oral cavity and the nasal cavity).

Sound Classes

Vowels and Consonants. Glides. Vowels. Conosonants. Although they function as consonant sounds, they stand for a property to articulate rapidly not only consonant but vowels.. Obstruction in the vocal tract. More sonorous. Syllabic. Narrow or complete closure of the vocal tract. Less sonorous. Not Syllabic.

Consonant articulation

The tongue. The major places of articulation used in speech are in the consonant articulation. Besides, the tongue is the primary articulating organ of the final utterance..

Every person has a specialized speech system used to pronounce a wide variety of sounds. These sounds stands for a linguistics' branch called Phonetics.