# of times person talks to a non-existing conversational partner per day (checked via viderecord)


# of times person doesn't answer the door and visibly hides somewhere (checked with videocamera)

Racing thoughts

# of times person changes the topic per 5 minutes of conversation


# of minutes person spends still,nonmoving when provided a computer (or any other stimuli)

Social disfunction

# of people person reports spending more than 2 hours a week with, of their own volition

Memory problems

score acquired when given a standardized memory test


When given an open ended question, # of times person expresses concern about their own safety from another person or group of people

Poverty of speech/thinking

# of times person uses a word that doesn't exist in his/her own language

Lack of motivation

# of projects started on one's own that are never finished

Catatonic behavior

Freezing in a single position for more than 3 minutes, total time is measured in minutes

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