Students need to know how to use a compass and straightedge

Top reasons why

They are the basis of an axiomatic system, with the goal of ensuring that geometry is built on a solid foundation.

Using a compass and straightedge will ensure that the geometric figures are always correct.

Being able to use a compass and straightedge opens doors to being able to use more complicated tools when doing math.

A study of students' math test scores proves that students should know how to use the compass and straightedge averege higher scores than the students that didn't.

Did you know that?

A lot of studies show that children who know how to use a compass and straightedge early on are more successful then those who did not.

Eliminating the teaching of using the compass and straightedge would create problems for when the knowledge is required from the student.

Drawing geometric figures is not as accurate as constructing them. There is more room for mistakes when drawing.


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