Team Identity, Emotions & Development

Are We Team??

Group Entiativity

Perceive themselves to be a team affects their b'viour. Identity their team refer as "we" instead of "I".

Group Attachment


Based on important r'ship to particular ppl


Based on group memberships

Common Identity and Common Bonds

Bonds based on group as a whole

Bonds felt for a particular group members

Group-serving Attributions

Internal attribution

I get gd result becuz i study.

External attribution

I get bad result becuz the lecturer.

Group-serving judgement

self-protective functions for team member, by enhancing ego.

Group Potency

"is collective belief of gp members that the group can be effective."

Group Efficacy

refer individual's belief that team can perform successfully.

Cohesion & Team B'viour.

Group Cohesiveness

refer to emotional attraction among group members.

Building Cohesion in Groups

Help the team build identity

make easier for team get together

Challenge the team


Incentive-Based Trust

Calculated trust, more contract and less breach, trust built.

Trust Based on Familiarity

Trust Based on Similarity

Trust Based on Social Networks

Social r'ship

Implicit Trust

Trust a person even absense any rational reasons.

Time in Teams
- have time to do group work at the same time also gt time to do own things

Clock Time

High obj, more time is needed to do the work

Development or growth patterns

Performance Cycles or episodes

Like a wave cycle

Group Mood & Emotion

Bottom-up Process

think abt what each member brings to the team, in terns emotion & mood

Top-down Process

Orgn own norms and group emotional history set for expression and emotion.

Emotional Contagion

Process whereby moods and emotion of ppl around influence us>

Vicarious Affect

Ppl tell sad story, you also get sad.

B'viour Entrainment

One's b'viour is adjusted and modified with other b'viour.

Team Development & Socialization
- process of how individuals enter into and then at some point leave the team.



Role Transition

Moves thru a progression of membership in team, from new to old member.

Strategies Intergrating New member into Team

Upper management and leader: make it clear why new member join the team.

Existing Team Members: explain what you regard to be strength and weakness of team.

New Member: und the team goals and process.