Has Google Analytics built in + links to Google/Bing Webmaster Tools and way more. I've tried the rest now use the best!

Get The Image

Automatically resizes images for you, creates thumbnails etc. so you don't have to!

Contact Form 7

Best Contact Form I reckon - loads out ther I'm sure just as good but I generally use this when not using

Google XML Sitemaps

You do want Google to know when you've added new content right?

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Gets rid of all those old page/post revisons that bloat up your WP Database

CBNet Ping Optimizer

Makes sure that you don't 'Spam' the RSS sites every time you update a post or page. It's been around a while and has not been updtaed for a long time - maybe because it just works. I have used other types of plugins that do similar but for a start up blog I always go with this one.

WordPress Database Backup

There are many others but I like this one - accessed vis the 'Tools' section in your WP Dashboard TIP: Don't save to server - send to a specific email address like; !

WordFence Security

Very impressed with this new plugin - does all kinds of stuff to make your site more secure! I'm installing it on all my sites. Let's you scan for potential security issues too. Mega!

W3 Total Cache

The easiest plugin I've found ( but they are ALL a bit techy) to make sure your site loads fast especially when getting a surge of new traffic. Like all these types of plugins there are so many options it can be confusing on what to 'tick' or not!

TS Custom Widgets

Might appear a bit techy for some but I use it on all my sites so that the sidebar content is related/relevant to the post and not the same boring old sidebar throughout the site. Be aware that this plugin is not in the WordPress Codex, and it seems it is not supported anymore - but I love it. Your choice! OR TRY THE WOO WIDGET >>>

Related Posts

The Contextual Related Posts plugin is a nifty way of keeping folks on your site by linking to posts that they might like ( working on the premise that they enjoyed the first one they read on your site(. Google KNOWS how long people stay ON and interact WITH your site!


Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam



Automatically posts/pushes your latest blog post to your Twitter account. Combine with some of my other recommendations below means that every time you publish new blog content your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin accounts are automatically updated. Hooray!


My current favorite Social Bookmarking/Sharing option - it's in your face and I like that!

WP Greet Box

Recognises new visitors, and how they found you (e.g. RSS/Google/Twitter/facebook etc.) and asks them to pass along the good word via that same Social Media intro!

Add Link to Facebook

Automatically posts your WordPress content to your FB Profile wall, or a FB Page or Group. I love Automation!

Thank Me Later

Cool way to send your site's Commenters a 'Thanks' email, maybe send them a free gift?

Facebook for WordPress

Facebook for WordPress. Make your site deeply social in just a couple of clicks.

Feedburner Feedsmith

Easiest way to get vistors to Subsribe to your blog and get informed via e-mail when you post new content. You can export their emails to a spreadsheet too! Great alternative before you are ready to step up to a 'Paid' AutoResponder Service like Aweber.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded allows commenters to sign up for e-mail notifications of subsequent replie


Audio Player

Simply the best option when you want to include playable audio content on your site. Be awre that the plugin has not been updated for quite some time - maybe because it works really well?

EVP Plugin

If you use the amazing Easy Video Player on your site, as I do, this free plugin is great for embedding your video files into your Posts and Pages



WP Video Lightbox

Very easy to use WordPress lightbox plugin to display YouTube and Vimeo videos in an elegant lightbox overlay.

Premium Themes (pre-installed) - to buy all these themes individually would cost you over $500 - But you get them for FREE!


























Permalinks set to 'post name'

Comments set to 'moderated'

Big RSS Ping list added

Default External links removed

'Uncategorized' Category set to 'General'

'News' Category added

PAGES WE'VE SET UP ALREADY - Change the Titles and Content as you choose. Adding New Pages and Content is easy with WordPress!


You have the choice of a static Home Page or Have latest Blog Posts as Home. Just set in Admin Area ( see videos)

About Us

Just add your content

Our Services

Just add your content

Contact Us

Contact Page with Contact Form ready to go - just change plugin settings with your email

Privacy Policy

The Search Engines like a 'Privacy Policy' even when it's a generic one like this

Secret Page

Not viewable by regular visitors ( only you). This is where you can download all 80 WordPress Video Tutorials and get access to the Premium Themes Support Forum once you've decided on which of the 12 themes you want to use. Plus details on how to contact us if you need help in the future.

List of all the Video Tutorials you will have access to. We normally sell these for $50+

Volume #1

1) Installing and Updating WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
2) Installing WordPress Manually via FTP
3) How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
4) How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
5) How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
6) How to Create New Posts in WordPress
7) How to Create New Pages in WordPress
8) How to Use and Format Images in WordPress
9) How To Install Plugins Automatically
10) How to Upload and Install Plugins Manually
11) How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically
12) How to Install WordPress Themes Automatically
13) How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
14) How to Upgrade WP Themes Automatically
15) How to Customize Your WordPress Theme
16) How to Use WordPress Widgets in The Sidebar
17) Controlling Spam Comments in WordPress
18) Using The Akismet Spam Plugin
19) How to Create A Contact Form in WordPress
20) How to Customize Your Contact Form
21) Adding and Managing Users in WordPress
22) How to Customize the Top Navigation Menus
23) How to Add Audio Player to Wordpress
24) Customizing Your Audio Player for WordPress
25) Getting and Using Gravatars for Your Blogging
26) How to Display Testimonials on WP
27) How to Add Youtube Videos to Posts
28) How to Make Posts User Friendly For Your Readers
29) How to Use Privacy and Update Services to let Search Engines know when you release new content
30) How to Revert to a Previous Draft

Volume #2

1) How to Update and Tune Up Your Wordpress Site
2) How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
3) How to Restore Your Blog From a Previous Backup
4) How to Clone Your Blog to a Different Domain Name
5) How to Delete WordPress Using cPanel
6) How to Delete WordPress Manually
7) How to Turn On Your Built In Theme Editor
8) How to Create Cool Static Front Page
9) How to Add Useful Widgets Onto Pages
10) How to Create a Custom Wordpress 404 Page
11) How to Remove WordPress Branding Like A Pro
12) How to Protect Your Email from Email Spam Harvesters
13) How to Post to Your Blog via Email (Part1 & Part 2)How to Secure Your Wordpress Site
14) How to Add Bullet Proof Wordpress Site Security
15) How to Speed Up Your Site With Automated Revisions
16) How to Speed Up Your Site by Caching
17) How to Integrate and Install Facebook Comments
18) How to Embed Twitter Tweets in a Post
19) How to Speed Up Your Site With Image Compression
20) How to Quickly Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
21) How to Track Your Statistics with Google Analytics
23) How to Create Search Engine Friendly XML Sitemaps
24) How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Volume #3

1) Adding ‘Breadcrumb’ Navigation
2) Splitting Long Posts into Multiple Pages
3) Creating an HTML Site MapAdding a ‘Notification’ Bar
4) Adding ‘Related Posts’ Links
5) Simple Tweaks (Themes)
6) Thanking Visitors Who Leave Comments
7) How to Get a Good Keyword Plan
8) Making your Site more Search Engine Friendly
9) What is LSI and how to Include it in your Content
10) Fixing Permalinks for Better SEO
11) Categories for Search Engine Love
12) How and Why to Interlink Posts and Pages
13) Renaming Images Effectively
14) Using the Power of Authority Sites
15) Video Search Engine Optimization
16) All About RSS Feeds ( Parts 1 & 2)
17) Creating an Exit Pop-Up
18) Adding a Subscription Box
19) Adding a ‘Share’ Bar
20) Scrolling Comments in a Sidebar
21) Highlighting your Author Comments in a Thread
22) Adding a Facebook Box
23) Adding a Twitter Box



Click the links to see a demo of each theme in action