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Windows 8

Windows 8 For Metro Apps

OS Versions

Windows 8

Windows 8 Pro

Windows RT (ARM)

Windows Enterprise


OS User Manual


App Bar

Desktop Mode

Start Screen

Lock Screen

View Modes - (Snap To Features)

Touch Interface

Search Bar

Windows Reader

Social Networking Integration


VPN. Direct Access. Branch Cache.

Installation Media

Windows To Go. Installation using DVD Drive. Installation using USB. Boot PC using USB for Windows 8 Experience. Caters Alternate Workplace Scenarios.

App Development

Metro Apps. Desktop Apps. C++ & XAML. C# & XAML. VB & XAML. HTML5 & JavaScript.

Legacy Apps Migration

Windows 7 to Windows 8. Installing Legacy App on Windows 8.

Windows Phone 8

Same Windows 8 Kernel. Multi core processor support. Re-use of Apps Developed of Tablets & PC.

Microsoft Surface


Home PC. Tablets. Phone. Server.


Private Cloud. SkyDrive. Machine Sync Up. SmartGlass (XBox). Virtualization. Highly Scalable. Tight Integration. Data Transfer up to 2 GB. Metro Apps for SkyDrive.

File System


Windows Administration

Power Shell. Metro Mode. Recovery.

Windows Store

Apps for Download and Purchase. Over 1 Lakh Apps.

Browser Support

IE 10 on Tablets.


User Access Control. Secure Boot.