Yin's Mid-Term Memory


Cisco Systems acquires Chez Scheme

Ikarus Scheme

bootstraps itself in 7 seconds

Larceny - another fast Scheme implementation

Rise of Worse is Better - Richard Gabriel

Chinese Puzzles

CLR v.s. JVM

about R7RS Scheme draft
(may apply to R6RS etc also)

Typed Racket comments

real-world C/C++ problems


Fun Stuff

Map of the Universe

Future Timeline



related films


Unit Tests

Current use of unit tests are not convenient

tests are separated from code

new way

specifications should be inserted at actual code points

unit tests can be inserted directly into the code

unit tests should be able to be folded up in the editor so that they don't show up when the programmer doesn't want to see them

Clojure Notes

Recommended Readings

"The Development of Chez Scheme" by R. Kent Dybvig

In Praise of Idleness (Bertrand Russell)


Andrew W Appel. Intensional equality ;-) for continuations. ACM SIGPLAN Notices 31(2), February 1996, pages 55-57.

VIDEO: William Clinger: Compiler Optimization for Symbolic Languages (1987)

Dunning-Kruger effect

"Why People Fail to Recognize Their Own Incompetence"

Computer Science

Data Structures

Operating Systems

Programming Languages (basics)


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