What's Out There? Resources to support the work of K-12 Educators in Ontario (OERB, vLe, OSAPAC, Edugains/Edusource, Mindomo, and many other digital resources)

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eLearning Ontario

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TeLT Contact
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What's Out There?

Virtual Learning Environment

How TCDSB uses Brightspace by D2L
Provincially sponsored Learning Management System...

vLE and enriching the learning experience

Career Cruising
Homework Help
Passport to the Internet
Brittanica Schools
Digital Citizenship
Naxos Music Library
You Tube

Students can...
Collaborate via chat/discussions/blogs
Create an on-going ePortfolio of work
Submit work via dropbox in many formats/using many
web tools

Teachers can...
Provide timely and effective feedback through Grader App on iPad
Provide feedback via turnitin
Provide audio, video, and text feedback
See the visible learning in discussion threads
See the interactions of students, intervene and model digital citizenship...

Day eLearning

fully online credit courses
for grade 11/12 students up to
one course per semester

- approximately less than 20
courses offered
- approximately 500 students

Blended Learning

Direct Instruction

Flipped Classroom


fully online credit courses
offered through our Continuing
Education Department





TeLT- c



Preview eLearning Ontario's Courses

Secondary Login Information:

Username: preview_catholic

Password: preview

Secondary PUBLIC Login Information:

Username: preview_public

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Elementary Login Information:

Username: preview_elementary

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teacher login

username: firstname_lastname
password: password

student login

username: OEN
student123 or
OEN or

We are working on a single sign on solution.

Course shells

-generated to reflect teacher's time-table
-any time-table changes will be corrected through an automated process
-any extra course shells have to be requested through myself through an email

Course content

-content can be accessed in real-time
-on the home page go to Self Registration
-self register for any listed course and copy over content into an existing course shell

-teachers can preview all courses once they log into the vLe

Provincially Sponsored Digital Resources

Students in grades 8-12 will use ArcGIS Online to improve their analytical skills and integrate different types of information into geographical systems coherent with the Ontario curriculum.

ArcGIS Online is an easy way to use geographic information on the web to construct and share your own maps or search for other works that have been published.

2. Math Strategies – Primary computer software is suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in order to explore various mathematical principles, including Number Sense and Numeration, and Patterning and Algebra. With its interactive and dynamic interface and animated chipmunk character, Math Strategies – Primary makes learning mathematics fun! Students are given the opportunity to discover strategies to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide by engaging in exciting mathematical activities.

3. Netmaths is a French web service that provides a variety of supports in mathematics for students in grades 4 through 8. Modules are organized by grade and strand and contain a wealth of curriculum-based exercises, games and puzzles!

4. TinkerPlots is a data analysis software that provides students with the ability to manipulate sets of data into colourful graphs and other forms of representations, while improving their understanding of data, numbers, probability, and graphs. Students have the opportunity to build their own data tables that they can graph and analyze in multiple ways.

5. Comic Life 2 is a fun and creative application for creating comics, annotated images, dynamic photo albums, greeting cards, scrap books, story books, instruction guides and brochures. The software can be used for grades 1 to 12 in many different subject areas such as Language, History, Mathematics, Science, and any other area in which students would need to demonstrate their understanding.

6. Frames 5 is educational software that is intended for students in grades 1 to 8. The software promotes student creativity, encourages them to engage in problem solving, and in the curriculum and helps them to develop 21st century skills by providing them with an opportunity to create various video projects, such as, stop-motion animation, claymation, and digital storytelling.

7. WordQ is an assistive piece of software that integrates speech recognition, text-to-speech, and word prediction together to enable writers to become more confident in their writing and to write on their own. The simplicity in its interface makes it very easy to learn to use and perfect for students with disabilities or attention disorders.

8. BookFlix is an online literacy resource designed for students grades in Kindergarten to 3. Students will develop a love of reading by interacting through read along options, video storybooks, educational games and can read material that is of interest to them as BookFlix offers 9 categories of books: Animals and Nature, Earth and Sky, People and Places, Music and Rhyme, Family and Community, ABCs and 123s, as well as Adventure, Celebrations and Imagination!

9. Pixie is designed to be used by students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will to improve their creativity, promote their self-expression, and enhance their cooperation skills.

With its user-friendly interface and the ability to combine text, voice narration, and images the software provides the ideal canvas for all types of learners.


Thousands of resources, including units,
lesson plans, activities, maps, and interactive
learning resources are:
-created by teachers for teachers
-offered in convenient formats including
Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and
-aligned with the Ontario curriculum
searchable by grade, course/subject,
strand, overall expectations, learning style,
author, file format, and key word
-derived from and designed for both the
public and Catholic systems
-easy to access and use
-downloadable and modifiable

Credit Recovery
Resources are available for the following courses.
-course listing helps with search in OERB

Alternate Education Resources Ontario (AERO)


AERO is a web-based digital repository operated by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

The mandate of AERO is to provide alternate format text to students with perceptual disabilities who attend publicly funded educational institutions in Ontario. AERO enables students with perceptual disabilities to access educational materials in a format they require and in a timely manner.

eWorkshop Online Teaching Resource


Modules on Literacy and Numeracy with videos of
teachers in action, activity sheets, lesson plans

Supporting Technology-Enabled
Learning and Teaching
- TeLT Contact
- community.elearningontario.ca

Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact

Who has all the information?
TeLT Contact is part of Public OSAPAC community through eCommunity.elearningontario.ca
-two sets of codes are made available
-Generic software serial numbers (Province-wide)
-Specific software serial numbers (Board specific)
(vendors specify take home rights)
*any time new software is introduced, new versions are available, and if serial numbers/codes are updated, TeLT Contact will share this information with board technical services department

How to access Ministry licensed software centrally?
-requesting disc copies is being phased out
-OSAPAC is moving towards web services instead of install software, like
Mindomo, simply easier to access.
-File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
-In Public OSAPAC community FTP instructions are provided
-TeLT Contacts are able to transfer/download software and share with their board centrally and board employees for home use (when permitted)


- EduGains.ca (HOME)
- entry level educational/friendly view of
software/resource search
- Ministry licensed software/resources organized by
- Language
- Mathematics
-not all software/resources from OSAPAC.org are
- each software is thoroughly explored
- teachers are the primary target for use
- Ministry developed resources are also available to
support technology-enabled teaching and learning
-Links make up the last resource
-Ontario Ministry of Education
-Publications Ontario
-Subject/Division Associations
-this resource is primary vehicle for teacher information


-Public OSAPAC community
-also great source for PD, and collaborating with
educators across the province
-sign up at community.elearningontario.ca
-eLearning contact is part of the TeLT-c
eCommunity/Public OSAPAC Community
-instructions are provided on how to integrate
OERB, Homework Help, and Ministry licensed
softwares like Gizmos

- Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee

- software/resource search
- technical view of tools
- when you locate a software details are provided
- how to integrate into the classroom
- distribution rights ex. take home: yes :)
- software/resources not organized in relation to


TeLT- Contact

Technical Services Team


Administrators as Instructional Leaders
AND Leaders in TeLT...

Support for School and System Leaders



Reminder of how to find this map when in MINDOMO...

Search Public Maps by:
What's Out There? Resources to support the work of K-12 Classroom Educators in Ontario (OERB, vLe, OSAPAC, Edugains/Edusource) August 2015

Just in case...here is the URL:


How can the vLE and Ministry sponsored digital resources support Literacy?

create resources within the vLE

after school literacy course

OSSLT preparation course

review current resources within vLE
and enhance them

create content/activities

Administrators need to know what’s out there to support educators and lead technology-enabled learning and teaching. This carousel will make you aware of the Ministry sponsored digital resources that can be integrated into the work of K-12 classroom educators in Ontario. Create a Mindomo account ahead of time to access a public map that summarizes this carousel!

Capacity Building

a. Supporting educators in acquiring the knowledge and skills pertaining to locating, assessing and evaluating technology resources and tools for different purposes and to model critical viewing, representing and thinking.

b. Ensuring and modelling safe, ethical, healthy, and responsible use of technology and digital social media tools.

c. Using technology to enhance differentiation, collaborative learning, construction and mobilization of knowledge, as well as, to encourage innovation, intellectual curiosity, and creativity.

Learning Resources

Facilitate the development of resources in support oftechnology enabled learning and teaching.

Learning and Teaching Expertise

a. Provide the leadership needed for educators to better understand and embrace the enabling role of technology in expanding how, when and where learning takes place.

b. Assess the school board’s current practices related to technology enabled learning and teaching.

c. Provide support to educators in aligning the board’s implementation plan for technology enabled learning and teaching for the 21st century with board initiatives, board and school improvement plans, and provincial Ministry goals and initiatives.


Mathematics K-12

OSAPAC tools

Comic Life 2

Frames 5



GoVenture Financial Literacy Simulation


Digital Citizenship with Menu




Clicker Paint


Critical Thinking and Information Literacy


Britannica School




Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 Professional







Literacy K-12

How can the vLe and Ministry sponsored digital resources resources support Numeracy and Mathematics?

OSAPAC resources

Mathematics and Science Gizmos Grades 7 – 12


Math Strategies – Primary


Math Trek 1, 2, 3


Tabs Plus 3


Tinkerplots Version 2




Netmaths (FR)


Use the vLe in a flipped inquiry working group?

create content with learning goals and success criteria

create master course shells for grades 7,8,9, and 10

create a repository for videos and can be shared with every teacher

review current courses in vLe and enhance content

EQAO prep courses available in vLe
prepared by NNDSB through eLO

EQAO testing is moving online

Homework Help

in order to access every resource students must register with their OEN