Mindomo AI Terms of Service

Last Updated: April 22, 2024

Mindomo AI Supplementary Terms

These Supplementary Terms for Mindomo AI (referred to as 'Mindomo AI Terms') by Expert Software Applications SRL (hereinafter 'Mindomo') are seamlessly incorporated into your Terms of Use agreement with Mindomo. These Mindomo AI Terms apply to your utilization of Mindomo's AI features.


Any terms defined within this document, not explicitly defined elsewhere, shall carry the definitions outlined in the Terms of Us.


The utilization of Mindomo AI operates on a credit-based system. Each Mindomo subscription plan (Premium, Professional, Team, Basic, Teacher, Classroom & School, etc.) includes a predefined number of credits, ensuring access to Mindomo AI features. Even the free account includes a limited number of credits, enabling users to test Mindomo AI capabilities.

An independent credit purchase option is provided for users seeking to expand their Mindomo AI capabilities beyond the allocated credits in their subscription. Users can adjust their usage to suit their particular requirements, offering greater flexibility within the Mindomo AI framework.

Input and Output

Mindomo AI functions through an Input-Output system, where you, as a user, have the capability to provide Input for processing (Input) and receive corresponding Output generated by Mindomo AI (Output). You'll choose the specific topic you wish to use as the Input, choose one of the available options for prompts, and obtain Output generated by Mindomo AI based on the Input and the selected prompt.

When utilizing Mindomo AI, Input and Output are considered part of your Information and Content.

The development, content, operation, maintenance, and utilization of your Information and Content are entirely under your responsibility.

It is acknowledged that, due to the nature of machine learning and the technology employed by Mindomo AI, the Output may not be unique. Mindomo AI may produce the same or similar Output to what other users have generated or to what other AI programs have generated.

Mindomo AI Use Restrictions

Enhancing Mindomo AI

Mindomo does not employ your Information and Content, nor do we permit others to employ your Information and Content, for training the machine learning models utilized in providing Mindomo AI functionality. Your utilization of Mindomo AI functionality does not confer upon Mindomo any rights or licenses to your Information and Content for training our machine learning models.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models can progress over time to more effectively address specific use cases. Data derived from your use of Mindomo AI may be utilized to enhance our models under two circumstances:


Mindomo does not make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of Mindomo AI or the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any other information obtained through Mindomo AI.

You understand and concur that any material and/or data obtained through the use of any Mindomo AI feature is done solely at your own risk. Mindomo AI holds no liability or accountability for any consequences resulting from your use of the Output, including any inaccuracies or omissions within it. Mindomo AI cannot provide real-time information, and Output may not account for events or alterations to underlying facts occurring after the AI model was trained.

We do not recommend relying on factual claims in the Output without conducting independent fact-checking to verify their accuracy.

Third Party Provider Policies

Mindomo AI utilizes Microsoft Azure OpenAI ('Azure AI') technology for its AI features and functionalities. Your use of Azure AI must align with its Code of Conduct, including the referenced Acceptable Use Policy.

Our AI translation services utilize the API interface provided by DeepL. Your usage of Mindomo AI translation services is also subject to DeepL's terms and policies, including its terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The data you input into Mindomo AI is processed on EU-based servers and is not utilized for tasks like AI model training.