About Us

We are a small and passionate software company. Our mission is to create useful, easy to use and beautiful software. You can read more about us on our dedicated company page.

We launched Mindomo in 2007 and improved it ever since. Mindomo will enhance your understanding and learning. It will enable you to make better decisions and perform better both in school or business.

Whenever you need to make an important decision, it will help you see the big picture, so you can take advantage of all opportunities.

Whenever a new opportunity comes along, Mindomo will empower you to grasp the essence and drop the rest

Whenever things get fuzzy or too complicated, you can use Mindomo to make them crystal clear.

Whenever you are looking for some fresh ideas, both for personal and team assignments, Mindomo is a friend in need.

We know that self development requires hard work, that is why we want to offer you the tools to make it easier.

The Mindomo Team