About Us

We are a small but enthusiastic software company with a sole purpose: to create helpful, user friendly and beautiful software.

Our mission is to help people better organize and plan their thoughts by structuring information, analyzing, understanding, synthesizing and generating new ideas.

Launched in 2007 and developed ever since, Mindomo supports you to improve your knowledge and education, to make better choices and be a top performer, in both business and education.

As an online mind mapping tool and collaborative services provider, Mindomo offers the perfect setting for developing concepts, brainstorming and working within a team.

Mindomo is a helping hand anytime you're looking for new ideas, both for personal and team work. It helps you see the big picture whenever you need to make an important decision, so you can seize every opportunity.

We know that personal growth requires great determination, so we are giving you the tools to make it easier.

The Mindomo Team

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