Plan and Organize Your Work with Mind Maps

Integrate mind maps in your work process to improve brainstorming, strategic planning, thinking outside the box, problem-solving, decision making, and more.

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"Expert Software Applications' Mindomo wurde mit dem Editors' Choice Award ausgezeichnet. Das Produkt verbindet leistungsstarke Aspekte von Mindmapping-Software in Verbindung mit den sozialen Aspekten von Wissensmanagement-Diensten. Die Software ist die einzige der fünf untersuchten Produkte, die beide Seiten des Sozialen berührt."

Plan with Mind Maps

Work backward from your end goal to build a visual and engaging representation of your workflow: what to do, when, and how to do it.

mind maps for business
mind maps for business

Strategic planning

Compile, organize and share strategic-level ideas in one big picture that is easy to understand and refine with people in your organization.

Business planning

Business planning

See the big picture of your business at a glance, everything from your value proposition, market need, competition, to funding, financial projections, and milestones.

mind maps for business

Event planning

Benefit from the mind map layout to collect all information in a centralized place, invite co-organizers to collaborate, and make your way from brainstorming to execution.

mind maps for business

Effective meeting planning

Visually think through the purpose of the meeting, the information to be presented and the schedule, then share everything with all the attendees.

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DATS - Digital Action Tracking System
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Implement your projects with Mind Maps and Gantt Charts

Kickstart your project by brainstorming in a mind map, then shift to the Gantt Chart mode to schedule tasks and monitor how everything comes together toward project completion.

Mind Map and Gantt Chart
mind maps for business

Improved coordination

Break down projects into more manageable sets of tasks, then see how they impact each other and the overall progress of the project.

mind maps for business

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent whenever tasks are assigned, due, overdue, completed, or updated.

mind maps for business

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate within a team or with external partners and your project plans will update automatically and real-time for everyone.

mind maps for business

Automatic rescheduling

When you reschedule a task with dependencies, all dependent tasks will be automatically rescheduled.

Business Management Mind Map

Collaborate on Mind Maps

Mind maps allow you and your collaborators to brainstorm independently, then effortlessly combine the information to reveal the full spectrum of ideas.

mind maps for business

Megosztott csapat mappa

All the mind maps you create or move in this folder will become instantly accessible and editable for the rest of your team, no additional sharing needed.

mind maps for business

Vendég szerkesztés

Share your maps with other people and give them fully premium editing rights even if they are free or yet unregistered Mindomo users.

mind maps for business

Bulk invite

Create user groups to share mind maps quickly with whole teams or departments.

Review projects with Mind Maps

  • Develop work breakdown structures (WBS) to help you monitor your achievements

  • Keep an eye on the completed tasks while focusing on what's left to accomplish

  • List key milestones, deliverables, goals, project resources, roles, and responsibilities

  • Develop meeting minutes to record information about the attendees, objectives and agenda items, resources, special notes, etc.

  • Manage the workflow of your team in real-time

mind maps for business


mind maps for business

Premium editing for Guests

Give fully premium editing rights to free or yet unregistered Mindomo users.

mind maps for business

Megosztott csapat mappa

Put diagrams in a dedicated folder where they are instantly accessible and editable by any team member.

mind maps for business

Task management

Mind maps with assignable tasks and Gantt chart creation

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Mindomo is being used by millions of professionals all over the world

Scott Chisholm

"Wir haben Mindomo für alle Arten von Projektplanung gewonnen. Ich bin täglich dabei. Es gibt einfach keinen besseren Weg, um so viele Gedanken zu sammeln und sie mit meinen Teammitgliedern zu teilen."

Scott Chisholm


Hannes Wallin

"Mindomo ist ein exzellentes und vielseitiges Tool. Wir verwenden es für alles von der Planung bis zum Brainstorming, von einfachen Diagrammen bis zu wichtigen strategischen Dokumenten. Sehr zu empfehlen!"

Hannes Wallin


Duncan Moss

"Ich habe jedes gängige Mindmapping-Tool getestet und festgestellt, dass Mindomo das einfachste, funktionsreichste und kostengünstigste von allen ist."

Duncan Moss

Berater für digitales Marketing

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