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Whether you have to plan a business party, product launch, birthday, anniversary, fashion show, or a reunion, this mind map will help you plan every detail of it and have the best event you can ever plan.

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Event plan sample

For public events

This last step is optional and it's only for public events.

Announce the event on your websiteCreate a posterCreate paid adsContact and invite pressSend email invitations and remindersCreate a press release

Your event name

Write your event name


To create a unique and pleasant ambient, make sure you have the perfect ornaments.

You can hire a company or do it yourself.

Write here the style or the elements you want to include, for example:

FlowersBalloonsPhoto corner


If you have an event where you will have music, think about what you need:

DJCover BandMusic BandArtistTraditional music artistsDancers

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages


Here you can add extra things you would like to offer at your event, such as:

Candy barCigarHookahIce cream truck
Drink menu

Drink menu

Hot drinks


Soft drinks

Long drinks





Create your drink menu in the notes section

Write the type of menu you chose.

Food menu

Food menu




Type of menu


Create your food menu in the notes section

Don't forget to create a vegetarian/vegan option and special menus for children.

Write the type of menu you chose.

If you want more options, write each of them on separate topics.

number of menus

Add how many portions of this type you need.


Now that you have all the activities set up, you can write down all the necessary employees.

For example:

WaitersBartenderHostessPhotographerSpeaker/HostChildren animator
number of people

Add how many people on this position you need.


First of all, think about all the activities that will happen during the event, and then schedule them.

Here are some examples:

...PM - ....PM

Add the timetable.


Add the activity.


Another important aspect is the location.

Think about a place that:

Add a phone number or email address.


Add the address of the location.

Note: you should mention it to your guests too when you invite them.

Name of the location

Add the name of the location.

Add their website here


The guests are one of the most important elements of an event.


Depending on the type of your event, think about how you would like to invite people:

Phone callEmailPhysical invitations
Guest list


Now think about specific people you would like to invite.

Create a guest list in notes:
Add your guest list

Number of guests

How many guests do you have?

Write the total number of people who will participate.

.... persons

General Info

Let's start with the general information about the event.


Add the people who organize/host this event.


Add the name.


Add the contact information, such as phone number or email address.


Add the time slot, without being specific about the time table.

for example: 4PM - 1AM

When will this event happen?

Add the day or the period (if there are more days).


An important aspect to start with is your total budget.

.... $
Type of event

What kind of event do you want to plan?

Birthday partyAnniversaryReunionProduct launchFashion showChristmas partyTeambuildingFestivalFairPromCongressGrand openingFundraisingCharityCompetitionGraduationCeremonies
Your event

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