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This mind map will help you analyze the forces on your organization with the '''Porter's Five Forces''' model, which examines how external forces control pricing and profit levels. Keywords: business analysis, external forces effect, pricing levels, profit levels

Porter's 5 forces analysis

Use the Porter's 5 forces analysis template to identify the industry's structure and to assess your corporate strategy.

Firstly, begin by specifying your industry’s competitors, how they are distributed, and estimate their competitive position and their forces on the market.

Evaluate the newcomers on the market and their forces: how likely is for others to enter the industry and what challenges they will encounter.

Consider the alternatives of your products or services and assess how appealing they are compared to the others available to consumers. Grade your products or services position against other options out there.

An individual has the opportunity and freedom to choose a product or service selected from at least two options available. Determine how many sources of similar products or services a customer finds and rank the strength of their negotiation.

After evaluating the consumers' habits and forces, think of yourself as a manufacturer or entrepreneur and identify the options of suppliers you have, and rank your flexibility when it comes to changing them.

Porter's Five Forces is a method for examining the competitive environment of an organization and can be used as a business guideline for competitive strategies.

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