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Problem solving steps

Follow these problem solving steps described in this mind map template to identify the cause of a problem and find the solution.

Firstly, understand the problem and describe it as detailed as possible. Include an ideal situation that will allow you to picture the optimum scenario you are reaching for and set your goals: what do you want to achieve by solving this problem? What will be the overall impact?

Secondly, after defining these steps, consider all potential outcomes and brainstorm the solutions. Sometimes it is useful to focus on previous experiences and know what other people you admire would do. This is a great alternative to detach yourself and see the problem from the outside, just as a participant.

Get an understanding of the issue as well as possible consequences, develop a plan, and identify the actions you will enforce to restore the balance and order.

The Problem

What problem do you want to solve?

Type in the box.


I can't save moneyI can't lose weightMy neighbor is very loudI can't quit smokingI don't exercise enough

Action plan

Create a plan of how to solve the problem.


What actions will you take?


What is the expected effect of this action related to your problem?


Now it's time to execute your plan.

You can also:

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Outside opinion


This branch will guide you to think about the possible solutions available to your problem.

How to

Complete the sentence

I wonder
What if
I wish

Think about your problem and Complete the sentence

How might we...

Think about your problem and complete the sentence
How might we ...

Type in the answers

Change perspective

Think of important people from your life.

What would people who you admire think about your problem?

Note: These persons can be real persons or famous people from history


What potential opportunities lay hidden in this problem?

Think of something positive caused by this problem.


To solve your problem 'The Problem' you need to establish clear goals of what you want to achieve.

Write down your goals, each goal on a new branch connected to this topic.


What are your goals by solving this problem?

Problem description

To understand your problem this branch will guide you to:

Describe your problem in detail

Press the next below to continue.

Ideal situation

Describe the ideal situation if this problem didn't exist.

ideal situation

What do others, who are not involved think about this problem?

outside opinion

What is the cause of this problem?

Current situation

Describe the current situation of the problem.

What is happening now?

Type your answer in the box.

current situation

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