Business case sample - Mind Map

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A business case is built upon a balance between advantages, costs, and risks.

This mind map helps you plan and structure a Business Case, to justify a project or proposal.

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Business case sample

Where to next?

Where to next?

Since you have completed the outline of your business case, you can now Print or Download it or Share it with a colleague.

Project or Action

Enter the business case title

Type in the project or proposed action.

Expected advantages

Add an advantage of taking the recommended action.

For example:

Add an advantage of taking minimum action.

For example:


Add the advantage of taking no action.

For example:

How will the benefits of 'Advantage' be measured?

Is this a tangible or intangible effect?
What KPI will be used?

Expected disadvantages

Taking recommended action

Add a disadvantage of taking the recommended action.

For example:

Taking minimum action

Add a disadvantage of taking the minimum action.

For example:

Taking no action

Add a disadvantage of taking no action.

For example:


How will the disadvantages of 'Disadvantage' be measured?

Is this a tangible or intangible effect? What KPI will be used?


Operating costs

Add a operating cost needed to sustain the effectiveness of the proposed project or change.


Capital costs

Capital costs

Add a one-time capital expenditure needed for this project.




Type in a risk of Project or Action



What steps are you taking to control 'Risk'?

How can you reduce the chances of it occurring? How can you reduce its impact if it does occur?


Recommended action

Add an action to be taken in order to follow the recommended route.

Identify which actions are essential and which are optional.

Minimum action

Add an action to take or an item that will not change.


No action

Add an unchanged item

Identify something that will not change if no action is taken.

For example, 'Continue to use manual process' or 'Continue to tolerate losses in this segment'



What assumptions is the recommended action based upon?

What do you expect to change or continue to change? What do you expect to stay the same?


Add an organizational strategy to which this decision relates, either positively or negatively.

Strategic alignment

How does 'Project or Action' align with 'Strategy'?

Add notes about whether the proposed action supports this strategy or diverges from it.


What methods were used?

Add some information about the methods used to determine the proposed action.



Add a stakeholder

Stakeholders are people who are involved in or affected by the decision to be made here.


The need

What was the need behind this project or proposal?

What problem does it solve, or what opportunity does it address?

Executive summary

Next steps:
Next step

What are the next steps you need to take, if approval is given?

Return on investment:

Return on investment

Summarise how the investment will be repaid.

Key benefits:

Summarise the key benefits that will be obtained.

Proposed action:

Type in the proposed action in a few words

Summarise the main points of the proposed action plan.



Type in a summary of your recommendations:

Decision required:

Decisions required

What decision needs to be taken? Do you need the approval to proceed to the next stage?

Prepared for:


Add a reader by role or name for this business case. This should be someone who can directly authorize the project or proposed action.

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