How to evaluate a supplier - Mind Map

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This mind map helps you carry out a systematic evaluation of a '''potential supplier'''. Keywords: supplier evaluation, strategic requirements, suppliers monitoring, quality assurance, project management

How to evaluate a supplier

Learn how to evaluate a supplier to provide the best services or products to your customers and maintain them committed and satisfied.

This mind map template supports you in the suppliers' assessment for which you need to consider several aspects: the products or services specifications and how well they perform, what are their delivery capabilities and their popularity on the market, do they have any references or how are they rated by other organizations?

Other important elements to look out for are the financial and administrative ones, such as pricing structure, financial stability and the return policy, which has to be clear and precise.

Your supplier must provide proof of their commitment to high-quality standards, so after considering all these factors, it's time to make a plan about how you will track and measure their performance. Establish some indicators and reflect on the delivery percentage, the reject rate of the products, or the time they take to resolve any negative situations that may occur.

Go on with your evaluation and add your requirements. Include the pricing, the payment terms, the ordering flexibility, terms and conditions, and SLA's if applicable.

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