Make your own autobiography - Mind Map

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Use this mind map to quickly create your autobiography, presenting information about your family, education, work, life, accomplishments, etc.

Keywords: personal life, autobiography, information about yourself

Make your own autobiography

How make your own autobiography?

If you want to create your autobiography where you present information about your education, family, work life, and accomplishments you can use this mind map template called My autobiography.

Autobiography comes from the Greek words: autos (self), bios (life), graphy (writing).

An autobiography is a type of writing where the author is presenting his/her life. The author is the main character, but he/she is using the first person.

If you are creating your autobiography, you should take into consideration the following topics: personal information, family, childhood, education, work, major accomplishments, likes, dislikes, and goals.

In the Personal information section, you can write your name, age, place of birth, and nationality.

In the Family section, you can your mother’s name, your father’s name, and the name of your siblings. Optionally, you can add their age.

In the Childhood section you can add information about memorable events and people that influenced your childhood and therefore your life and made you who you are today.

In the Education section add the name of the institutions where you got your degrees (primary school, high school, college).

In the Work section add the places you have worked and what you learn from each of your work experiences. Also, add your current job.

In the Major accomplishments section add both your personal and professional accomplishments.

In the Likes section add things that you like, for example, hobbies, food, sports, travel.

You can also have a Dislike section where you add the things you dislike.

You should also have a section where you add your Vision for the future (short-term goals or long-term goals).

My Autobiography

Autos = Self
Bios = Life

An autobiography is the author's retelling of their life. This is written in first person and the author is the main character.

Major accomplishments

Add both your personal and professional accomplishments.




Add the things you like and make you a happy person!


If there is something that you definitely don't like, add it here!


Add your vision for your future! You can choose to add your short term goal or long term goal!

In the future I would like to be a.....


Add the places you have worked. Additionally, you can mention what you learned from each of them.

Current job
Other jobs
First job


Add the institutes where you got your degrees.

High School
Primary school


What and who made you who you are today?

Influencing people
Memorable events
Growing up in


Add information about your family. Usually, the mother's maiden name is written.
Additionally, you can add their age.

Father's name
Mother's name

Personal information

Add your personal information.

Place of birth

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