Set your goals - Mind Map

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Use this mind map to set your goals for personal growth, career, relationship, etc., therefore ensuring that you will have a clear vision of what you should be focusing on in your development.

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Set your goals

Set your goals template

Use this Goal Setting template to set your goals for personal growth, career, relationship and have a clear view of what you should focus on at this moment in your life.

Writing down your goals will make it easier for you to complete them because you will better visualize every action you should take in order to achieve them.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is everywhere in our daily lives. We set goals almost every day for our health, career, vacation, etc.


We all have annoying traits, we might not be so aware of these but those around us are. Identify these and find ways to remove them your life.


Want to learn something new? It's never too late. Start now!

Public Service

Besides our own wellbeing, we are also a little responsible to leave a good place after us. Think about how you can contribute to your community.

Personal Growth

This is something that one should work on all their life. We are responsible for our growth. Set your goals! Are there any hobbies that you've always wanted to try? Any skills that you feel you should work on?



If you feel that your relationships or some of them are not at a level that you'd like them to be, you can find ways to improve. The first and most important step is identifying these relationships`!



Everyone has imagined at least once how their life should look like. Try to keep it realistic, plan your future income. After you decide your target, find ways to reach it.


Add information on how to improve your overall health. Keep in mind that mental and physical health are both very important! As the saying goes 'Mens sana in corpore sano'!



Add information about your career. What position are you in now? Where do you see yourself in the future? Set your goal now! And find ways to climb up the ladder.


Why use a Mindomo mind map template?

Mind maps help you brainstorm, establish relationships between concepts, organize and generate ideas.

However, mind map templates offer an easier way to get started, as they are frameworks that contain information about a specific subject with guiding instructions. In essence, mind map templates ensure the structure that combines all the elements of a specific subject and serves as a starting point for your personal mind map. They are a resource for providing a practical solution to create a mind map on a particular topic, either for business or education.

Mindomo brings you smart mind map templates that allow you to function and think effortlessly.

A template has various functionalities:

Descriptive topics

Topics with background text

Default branch

Removing the template data

You can choose from a variety of mind map templates from Mindomo's business or educational accounts, or you can create your own mind map templates from scratch. Any mind map can be transformed into a mind map template map by adding further guiding notes to one of its topics.

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