5 whys root cause analysis template - Mind Map

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This mind map helps you find the root cause of a problem or situation, by asking Why to discover the reasons behind the reasons. Consider using this map collaboratively with others.

Keywords: business analysis, problem-solving, problem and solution

5 whys root cause analysis template

Use the 5 whys root cause analysis template and explore the cause-and-effect relationships at the base of a particular problem.

Briefly describe the problem or the challenge you want to investigate.

Think of the results or effects of your problem, would they be positive or negative?

Reach the origin of your problem by asking 'Why?' and describe the situation as open and frank as you can. Keep asking 'Why' until you find out the drivers and conditions that led to the situation you want to sort out.

Review your notes and think if you can fix or eliminate some of the triggers and solve the problem.

Where to next?

Where to next?

Good luck with your investigation!

Key problem or scenario

What is the key problem or scenario you are trying to identify?

Type in a short statement that summarizes it.


Reach the root causes of your problem, by asking Why?

When answering, try to explicitly describe a situation rather than just using keywords.

To add sub causes press TAB.


What are the causes of your problem?

What conditions, events or triggers are needed?

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