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The meeting minutes can be defined as a recorded summary of a business reunion or meeting. Use this mind map to effectively capture the essence of every meeting without losing focus while participating.

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Meeting summary template

Meeting summary template

With this meeting summary template, you can keep your meeting notes in one single place and share them with meeting participants and invite people that could not attend the meeting to learn about things that are discussed.

Meeting minutes capture the essential information and help both team members that did not participate in the meeting and meeting attendees because they will have a clear overview of the meeting. Each of them will keep in mind what was discussed in that meeting.

The template has six sections:

Organizational content

Meeting attendees


Action items



By checking the templates with meeting minutes completed at past meetings, organizers will achieve their long term goals. In each meeting, they will explain step by step what to do and will listen to the opinions of others, which they will note in the sections with various plans, problems, solutions, and action items.

Take a look at this template before organizing another meeting. Knowing exactly what happened at the other meetings and who the participants were, you will be able to organize a more effective meeting next time.

With this template, you will not skip any step of the session and you will keep things in order. Everything will be clear, so there will be no need for additional discussions after the meeting. You only have to share the template with the meeting participants and with those who could not be present. In this way, you will save a lot of time and everyone will know exactly what to do.

Meeting minutes

You can use this to inform people who didn't attend or to keep track of what was discussed during the meeting.

Action Items


List the tasks that made decisions during your meeting here, as well as the person who is responsible for carrying out that task.

You should also discuss the results you expect.

Additional info
Expected results
Responsible person
Due date


Any other notes can be added here.


The conclusion should contain information about the next meeting.

You can also write down your ideas of strategies to work on them later.

Personal strategy
Next meeting


The agenda provides all information that needs to be included in the meeting.

The main issues, the solutions you come up with, etc.

Discuss various plans

Wrtite down the plans that you consider approachable.

Top problems

List the problems and the solution you found.



Review of the last meeting
Minutes of previous meeting

Add the minutes of your last meeting.


List the persons who were attending the meeting here.

Apologies can be listed here too. You can use icons to mark the person who was missing; later on, it will be easier to share the meeting minutes with them.



Present attendees

Organizational content

Add the time, date, and location of the meeting here.

Date & Time

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