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Any Marketing manager should use tools to improve the productivity of the team and the performance of the business.

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Online marketing platforms

Marketing tools

Collect all your marketing tools here and share them with your team.

SEO optimization

Any marketing team should optimize its content to have great results.

Collect here all the SEO tools you use.


From design to newsletter ideas, many tools can help you improve your email campaigns.

Type in the name of the tools that you use to create newsletters.


Nowadays, automation tools are more and more popular and they make our lives easier.

Type in the name of the automation tools that you use.

Social media

Any marketing team uses social media to achieve its marketing goals.

Type in the name of the social media channels that you use to promote your business.

Type in some details for the social media channel that your employees should know.


No matter how much you check your content, you may not see all the mistakes, so a proofreading tool is all you need to make sure you create high-quality content.

Task Management

What is the task management tool you use to collaborate with your team?

Mindomo is great for task management and helps you improve the productivity of your team.


Collect some ideation tools here.

One example is Mindomo. You can use it to brainstorm ideas with your team.

Keyword research

Collect your keyword research tools here.


Type in the tool name.


Type in a short description for the tool so your team will know how to use it.

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