Empower your Business Thinking & Execution

Focus on achieving your goals by visually mapping out all the key elements and steps in your projects.

Endless business solutions

displayed in a meaningful and structured manner

From planning meetings to building business strategies, from assigning tasks to monitoring progress, from identifying opportunities to anticipating risks, Mindomo is the most complete mind mapping tool for enhancing your work process.

Not just a tool but knowledge

on how to work efficiently

We pioneered smart mind mapping as a solid foundation that will guide you through strategic planning and management. It takes a lot of focus and effort to think of all the aspects involved in the planning or decision making processes in your projects. Therefore, we created several smart map templates to help you with these processes.

Smart mind maps are step-by-step guides that

Enclose a series of business best practices, methodologies and/or techniques, to assist you in achieving your business goals.

Walk you through making a thorough planning, setting priorities and tasks, visually organizing each critical stage in your project, and/or assessing the outcomes, etc.

Serve as a perfect framework for you to create business projects, design business plans, evaluate risks, perform various types of analysis, and/or brainstorm.

Not just Mind Mapping

but a complete project collaboration and task management tool

There's a long way to go from a plan to its implementation.

Mindomo Projects module will give you a bird's-eye view of your project planning, but also the possibility to closely look after every aspect:

Task-assignment with all resources at hand

Visual representation of project information and tasks through mind mapping

Conversation and document sharing to bring clarity upon the work process and to improve team collaboration

E-mail notifications whenever new tasks are assigned or new changes are made to the project

Notes to provide project guidelines

Clear overview of project history to easily track progress, while the team remains motivated and on point

Safe, secure and integrated

Your data is automatically backed up to Google Drive, Dropbox or an FTP account of your choice. You can also install Mindomo for your entire company from the Google Apps Store.

Available on all Platforms

Improve your flexibility by using Mindomo on your PC, tablet and phone, while syncing between the platforms whenever you need to.

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