Mind map software for your Desktop with online synchronization and collaboration

Mindomo Desktop is your mind map software that uniquely combines working offline with editing and collaborating online.

An easy-to-use, stand-alone mind map software.

Beautiful Layouts

Ready-made themes and customizable formatting

Express yourself through mind maps by customizing everything or by choosing from our diverse map themes and topic styles.

Cross-platform mind mapping solution

Cross-platform mind mapping solution

Mindomo runs on all available operating systems and is equipped with a range of features to boost your thinking skills.


Platform-independent solution

Install Mindomo effortlessly on all operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Greater reach

Greater reach

The more platforms Mindomo can run on, the more people it can reach.

Uniform look and feel

Uniform look and feel

Maintain consistency in appearance and function across different devices.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

App updates are synced immediately across all platforms and devices.

Features that make Mindomo a reliable solution for creating and sharing content-organized and style-rich mind maps:

  • High-fidelity PDF export functionality that converts your maps to PDF files with the highest degree of precision.

  • Importing maps from other mind mapping tools: MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind, and Bubbl.us.

  • Importing TXT, OPML, XLSX and XLS files from your computer and turning them into mind maps.

  • Exporting mind maps in various formats: Freemind, MindManager, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, TXT, OPML, XML, ZIP, PNG, and XLSX

  • Printing mind maps as PDFs in the following sizes: A2, A3, A4, Tabloid, Letter, and Original.

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Offline-online syncing and sharing local files

'Sync & Save Online' functionality saves your local maps and all their attached files in the cloud. While syncing, local files are uploaded to the Mindomo server, and the files attached online are downloaded and saved locally.
'Pack Map' functionality compresses your mind map and all its attached files into a single .pmom file which you can easily share with your collaborators so they can access the map with its resources from their own computers.
Mark Hynes

"I was fortunate to be introduced to Mindomo mind mapping and have really surprised myself how easy and powerful it has been to use."

Mark Hynes

Senior partner

Hannes Wallin

"Mindomo is an excellent and versatile tool. We use it for everything from planning to brainstorming, from simple charts to important strategic documents. Highly recommended!"

Hannes Wallin


Duncan Moss

"I've tested every popular mind mapping tool available, and found Mindomo to be the easiest, most feature rich and affordable of them all."

Duncan Moss

Digital Marketing Consultant

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