Software de mapa mental com sincronização e colaboração online

Mindomo é o seu software de mapa mental que combina o trabalho offline com edição e colaboração online.

Um software de mapa mental fácil de usar e autônomo.

Mindomo has a user-friendly interface to make your mind mapping experience as pleasant as possible. New ideas cross your mind all the time. To make the most out of them, you can access Mindomo from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop. The possibilities are limitless and so is your imagination. Organize and structure your thoughts with Mindomo. Unleash your creativity and generate new ideas using all the functionalities available!

Take your offline experience to the next level using the online cloud-based benefits

Enjoy the same user-friendly interface of the offline version of Mindomo with additional benefits. Sign up and explore the online additional advantages: multiple integrations with your favorite apps, real-time collaboration with your team, cloud storage for your maps and more. Take advantage of the flexibility and choose your favorite platform. Work on your maps anywhere, anytime!

Lindos Layouts

Personalize the mind map and transform it into concept maps or outlines if the layout suits it better. Arrange it the way you imagine in your brain with one click and some dragging and dropping.

Temas prontos e formatação personalizável

Expresse sua personalidade através de mapas mentais, personalizando tudo ou escolhendo entre nossos diversos temas e estilos de mapas.

Customize the diagrams exactly how you want them to be. Choose the colors, shapes, sizes, fonts that you like. Mindomo offers a big variety of these tools because they are very important when it comes to visual representations. They help you to see clearly, to differentiate the levels and to structure more efficiently. This way it’s easier to remember and to understand the information.

Software de mapa mental multiplataformas
Software de mapa mental multiplataformas

A Mindomo pode ser executada em todos os sistemas operacionais disponíveis por aí e está equipada com uma variedade de recursos para aprimorar suas habilidades de pensamento.

Flexibility is an important leverage. This is why Mindomo isn't limited to only one platform. On the contrary, you have the option to choose your favorite platform to work in an accessible way: web-based mind mapping software/ Desktop version/ mobile app.

Whether you use Mac, Windows or Linux, Mindomo works perfectly. Moreover, the Desktop version is not the only one. You have the possibility to create the best mind maps from your phone, tablet or even cloud version. You have your mind map gallery with you anywhere you go.

Solução independente de plataforma

Solução independente de plataforma

Instale a Mindomo sem esforço em todos os sistemas operacionais: Windows, Mac OS X e Linux.

mind mapping software

Um alcance maior

Quanto mais plataformas a Mindomo puder rodar, mais pessoas poderemos alcançar.

mind mapping software

Aparência uniforme

Mantenha a consistência na aparência e na função em diferentes dispositivos.

Manutenção fácil

Manutenção fácil

As atualizações de aplicativos são sincronizadas imediatamente em todas as plataformas e dispositivos.

Recursos que tornam a Mindomo uma solução confiável para criar e compartilhar mapas mentais organizados por conteúdo e ricos em estilo:

  • Funcionalidade de exportação em PDF de alta fidelidade que converte seus mapas em arquivos PDF com o mais alto grau de precisão.

  • Importe mapas de outras ferramentas de mapeamento mental: MindManager, Freemind, Mindmeister, XMind e

  • Importe arquivos TXT, OPML, XLSX e XLS do seu computador e transforme-os em mapas mentais.

  • Exporte mapas mentais em vários formatos: Freemind, MindManager, PDF, DOCX, PPTX, TXT, OPML, XML, ZIP, PNG, e XLSX

  • Impressão de mapas mentais como PDFs nos seguintes tamanhos: A2, A3, A4, Tablóide, Carta e Original.

  • Presenter mode allows you to create a presentation without using a third-party app, making it as efficient as possible.

  • Adding notes, links, icons, multimedia files (images, video files, audio files) from your computer, your cloud storage app or by searching directly online.

  • Finding any word or phrase across all mind maps using the full-text search functionality.

  • Using multiple instances to work simultaneously on your maps in different Mindomo instances.

Veja todos os recursos ➜

Sincronização e compartilhamento de arquivos locais tanto online quanto offline

With Mindomo you can work offline when you don’t have an internet connection or you work remotely. Once you have access to the internet, all map changes can be saved and synced with just a click!

Funcionalidade 'Sincronizar e Salvar Online' que salva seus mapas locais e todos os arquivos anexados na nuvem. Durante a sincronização, os arquivos locais são enviados para o servidor da Mindomo e os arquivos anexados online são baixados e salvos localmente.
Funcionalidade 'Pacote de Mapas' que comprime seu mapa mental e todos os arquivos anexados em um único arquivo .pmom, que você pode compartilhar facilmente com seus colaboradores para que eles possam acessar o mapa com seus recursos em seus próprios computadores.
mind mapping software


One of the most important features of the best mind mapping software is represented by the integrations available. Either you work, learn or simply use the tool for personal growth, there are some apps, cloud storage services or learning management systems you frequently use.


Customize your maps by uploading files from your favorite cloud storage service (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive). You can import images, videos, audio files, etc. You can also export your map in multiple formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Project, etc.


With Mindomo you can use mind mapping for education easily, especially when you integrate it with learning management systems. You can integrate it with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, itslearning, and more. Moreover, there is a custom sign up mechanism for school licenses. In other words, people who sign up to Mindomo using the school domain emails will be automatically added to that license. They will also receive premium accounts without manually entering their information.


Create a Mindomo account immediately using an identity provider of your choice. For example, you can sign up with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Office 365, Windows Live, and more. Easy and fast.


G Suite, Office 365, Microsoft Teams or Evernote can be integrated with Mindomo and simplify your work. By doing so, you can easily create a mind map and have your favorite apps connected.

mind mapping software

Collaborative editor

“More minds are better than one”, they said. Generate and organize ideas along with your team using a real-time collaborative software.

mind mapping software

Colaborações em tempo real

See all the changes instantly and work simultaneously on your mind map. Online mind mapping allows you to connect with all your team. The distance is not a problem anymore, you can edit the maps anywhere you are.

mind mapping software

Chat ao vivo

Every mind map has a chat visible for all the people who are editing it. Thanks to instant messaging, you can communicate easily and fast. In addition, you save precious time by not using a third party messaging app or communicate via emails. Moreover it is more convenient.

mind mapping software

Notificações por e-mail

You can opt for receiving notifications or task reminders on your email address. For example you can choose to be notified when tasks are assigned, due, overdue or completed, there are new tasks comments or updates, due dates are set, etc.

mind mapping software


You can keep your mind map private or share it with other people instantly. Choose the action that you allow the other person to do: edit, view only or view and copy. They can receive an email notification or you can send them a link to access it. In addition, for more security you can set a password to access the map. Moreover, you can share your maps on social media instantly.

mind mapping software

Task assignment

For a better task management and overview of the teamwork you can assign the task. You can see who has to take care of each task and they can be notified when they receive a new one. You can also be notified on the progress if you want.

mind mapping software

Histórico completo de mudanças

When there are multiple users which edit and visually organize the information it can be confusing. However, thanks to this feature it’s not at all. The full history of changes helps you to see each member's contribution.

Big variety of Templates

Creating mind maps from scratch is a great way to do it, especially when you brainstorm ideas, but using a template is better. It helps a lot, especially when you don’t know how to start or you need a little inspiration or guidance.

Browse through Mindomo’s gallery of templates and customize the one that you need. You will find a big variety, starting from project management to decision making, travel plans or preparing for an interview. Here are some of the most popular templates:

You can access the templates online from the web-based version and also offline from your mobile device or Desktop.

Moreover, once it’s done, use the presentation mode to turn your map into a presentation in minutes. Be more organized and have the main message always in view. Showing it in this layout, your audience will see where you are headed or where you have been. This way you have a full presentation starting from a template.

mind mapping software

Free account

Mindomo has 3 categories of accounts to suit your needs: Student, Teacher, Work/ Personal. Each of them has specially designed templates to help you get the most out of the tool.

When you are looking for the best mind mapping software you may imagine it is expensive. However, this is not true. You have the option to create a completely free account and start your free mind mapping journey. Usually the diagramming tools offer a trial (for 30 days), but Mindomo allows you to use your free account for as much as you wish. Get started:

You can start as a single user or with a team license that has a minimum of 5 accounts.

Mark Hynes

"Tive a sorte de conhecer o mapeamento mental da Mindomo e realmente me surpreendi com o quão fácil e poderoso essa plataforma é."

Mark Hynes

Sócio Sênior

Hannes Wallin

"Mindomo é uma ferramenta excelente e versátil. Nós a usamos para tudo, desde o planejamento até o brainstorming, desde gráficos simples até importantes documentos estratégicos. Altamente recomendado!"

Hannes Wallin


Duncan Moss

"Testei todas as ferramentas populares de mapeamento mental disponíveis e achei a Mindomo o mais fácil, mais rico em recursos e acessível de todos."

Duncan Moss

Consultor de Marketing Digital

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