Educate your Mind to Be Creative

21st century educators and learners need to be properly equipped to face the
challenges of information overload with mind mapping. This powerful educational tool helps you develop into an effective critical thinker, a creative problem solver and a collaborative learner.

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The Role of Mind Mapping
In Education

  • To Develop the Collaborative Learning Skills of Students
  • To Encourage Creative Problem Solving within the Classroom
  • To Optimize Learning Across Disciplines
  • To Facilitate the Development of Independent Thinking Skills

Creative teaching

is not about shaping up your students according to your curriculum, it's about your curriculum being shaped up according to your students needs.

Mindomo as a teaching tool
in the hand of a teacher

  • is a door-opener for collaborative work for students and teachers alike
  • makes easy the creation of assignments for students in any field of study
  • facilitates the online management of students and their assignments
  • enhances the development of the curriculum according to students' needs
Creative learning does not involve adapting to new information, it involves adapting new information to your mindset.

Mindomo as a learning tool
in the hand of a student

  • increases the collaboration with other classmates as they work together on assignments
  • makes possible assignment revision through technology
  • encourages note taking in class through mind mapping
  • is key to developing creative thinking which can be transferred to various fields of study

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