Agile plan template - Mind Map

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This mind map helps you outline the plan for an Agile project.
The map aims to capture an accurate description of the work to be done and you can use the mind map to discuss and explain stories, specifications, features, and plans.

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Agile plan template

Agile plan template

Agile planning is a way to capture an accurate description of the work that needs to be done. Use this template to discuss plans, features, and specifications from the agile projects. It will be useful for you if you are a product owner.

Write down a summary of your project, adding key points.

Also, write down the epics (the major stages) of a project.

Add the sprints. They are groups of users’ ideas that can be demonstrated and used.

Type in the users’ stories and make a list of users (people that will interact with the solution). Do not use users’ names, but their roles based on the task they will perform.

Project Name

Begin by typing in the name of your project, then press Enter.

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