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The customer journey map represents all the steps a customer needs to take from the lead to the advocate of your brand. The ideal flow is for all the customers to go through all the steps (touchpoints). Fill it out with the specific stages your business has to make the necessary improvements to convert as many leads into advocates of your brand.

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Customer journey map template

Customer journey map template

The customer journey map is an incredibly powerful tool for any business.

It represents a visual representation of each step a client makes from the first interaction with your brand to the highest level any client can become: an ambassador.

Why is it so important? Because you want as many people who hear about your brand to become clients and then recommend your products. Using this template, you identify the exact steps, and it will be easier for you to design the marketing strategy to convert as many leads into ambassadors.


The touchpoint represents each customer's step throughout its journey to the final goal (Advocacy).

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This is the stage where you want all your customers to achieve. They will promote the product as being satisfied.


The journey doesn't end with the purchase. At this stage, you can consider follow-up, support service, etc.


This is the moment when the lead becomes the client, and the purchase is made. Here focus on the purchase cycle and break it down to identify the touchpoints.


This is the point where the lead starts to consider purchasing from your brand. Here you can consider the following small steps: reading reviews, checking the price, comparing it with other competitors, etc.


The first stage represents the first interaction a customer has with your business. Think about how these leads got in contact with your brand.

Customer journey map

The customer journey map is a visual storyline containing the stages a customer has, from the first interaction with your brand to the moment when it becomes a loyal customer or even an ambassador.

Follow each stage and add the corresponding touchpoints.

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