Facebook posts ideas - Mind Map

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Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new ideas for your social media content.

Check out these Facebook posts ideas so you have different posts for 7 days.

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Facebook posts ideas

Facebook posts

You can use the mind map as your social media calendar or transform it into a Gantt Chart.

Mind map

Present information about your business in a visual way.
Create a beautiful mind map and explain concepts related to your business or products.

Type in your mind map idea for a Facebook post.


Customers love to receive something for free.
A giveaway would be a great idea to create engagement and make your followers share your Facebook page and posts. In this way, you will reach a larger audience.

Type in your giveaway idea.

Photo/video with the product/service/feature of the month

Present the most popular feature, product, or service offered by your business to all the audience. Maybe some of them didn't have the time to check your new improvements.

Think what would be the products, services, or features that you can present.

Type in your idea for this kind of post.

Picture where your product is used by a client or employee

This kind of picture will make your business more trustworthy because potential customers will see that there are other people that use your product and really enjoy it.

Type in your idea for a picture with somebody using your product.

Easy question about your product (to find out their opinion)

It is always good to interact with your customers.
Ask them what is your opinion about your product. Maybe they can inspire you to find ways to improve your product.

Type in your question idea.

Motivational quote

Find a motivational quote relevant to your business. You can even share a motivational story.

Type in your motivational quote or story idea.

Video with your team or with your product in the office

Post idea

It is good to show customers the human side of your business.

Type in an idea for a video with your team or with your product in the office.

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