About us

We are a small and passionate software company from Timisoara, Romania.

We know how to create software by taking advantage of the inner working of the human mind.

Our company was founded in 2002 by Zoltán Lorincz and Frank Mrosk. Our original focus was to provide software consulting services, but we always wanted to create our own products.

We were always attracted by the concept of mind mapping and we felt that the power of this technique is underutilized, so in early 2006 we started to build Mindomo and we first released it in February 2007.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way people think and work together on ideas and projects.

We are committed to provide the best way to combine your knowledge with others, get the best out of it and share it to the world.

Our team has grown from 2 people to more than 25 and we are more enthusiastic than ever to work continuously on making Mindomo the best personal and team productivity tool on the planet.

The high number of people using our tool is a great motivation to keep on going – stronger and stronger.

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