Mind mapping is growing into a teaching method that you teachers heavily rely on. That’s because you have found the advantages of providing students with mind maps of their learning material: they understand the information better, and they learn it and recall it easily.

All over the world, from teaching Biology, Geography, Language Arts to Computer Science and Environmental Science, you are using Mindomo to work with your students in and outside the classroom. Moreover, your students have to create mind maps of their own to reinforce their learning and thinking skills.
Both you and your students’ efforts deserve our full support, so we created a new solution to ease your work with Mindomo and mind mapping.  So, let us introduce to you Mindomo Courses and how it will help you further with mind mapping:

  • Easy access to Mindomo:  students will easily access Mindomo and their mind map assignments.
  • Easy-to-create courses: setup a course within minutes where you encourage students to mind map on the subjects you are covering.
  • Auto-sharing of mind maps between you and your students: once students start completing their assignments, the mind maps they will be working on will be automatically shared with you.
  • Easy to assist students and to assess their performance: use the course’s clear overview to see how each student interacted within the course, whether he/she faced any problems with the assignment(s) and offer your guidance whenever it is needed.
  • Easy to provide students with learning materials: gather all the learning resources on the topic you are covering and invite students to access them as they complete their assignments.

You can give it a try as we speak. Just log into Mindomo and go to “Courses” in the top left corner of your dashboard. We will be glad to hear your impressions once you’ve tested it.

And since we just released this dedicated solution, we would like to offer 10 teacher subscriptions for free, for a 1-year period. One of these subscriptions can be yours, all you need to do is write a comment below and tell us how you plan to make the most of the subscription.

Keep it smart, simple, and creative!

The Mindomo Team


  1. Does Mindomo Courses support LTI for authenticating students? This would make it much easier to incorporate into an online course, and to embed within a learning management system like Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle.

    • Hi there, Christian! Yes, we have integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn, and Clever. The School license is the one that allows you to use the LTI integrations, so let me know if you want us to set you up with a free trial.

  2. I teach freshman composition at a local university, and I plan to use Mindomo to teach the research process. By allowing students a common digital space to collaborate with writing group partners, students learn and exchange idea inside and outside of the classroom. Plus, by using the program’s visual features, I ask students to add videos and images pulled from the web to illustrate their thinking. This allows them to “see” their ideas take shape

    • Hi there, Amy. Thank you for the lovely insight. If there’s anything we can help you with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • Hi there, Marianna. For the time being, you can’t grade the assignments. There is a solution though – in the “Discussion” section, you can give each student feedback on his/her progress, even grade its activity. If you have any other questions, please contact me at nadina.lupu@mindomo.com, I would love to help you.

  3. Hi! I have been playing around with Mindomo today, and it is just a really cool concept. I have been teaching my 6th and 8th grade English students about mind mapping, and we have been trying it the old fashioned way- with paper and pen. I think they could get so much more out of this, however. I am very interested in costs, of course. Thank you!

    • Hi, Amy. It’s always nice to hear from teachers that use innovative teaching tools such as mind mapping. Here is the pricing for ll our educational subscriptions – https://www.mindomo.com/edu/pricing.htm
      If you want to have students work on mind maps and then give them feedback, I would highly recommend the Teacher membership ($69/year) where you can use Mindomo Courses. If you can provide me with an e-mail address, I will give you more details. Have a great day!

  4. Wendy Weeks Reply

    I teach reading to middle school students who struggle. I tell them that mind maps are putting their brain on paper. Instead of Reading Logs (students write a few vapid sentences about what they read) they keep an ongoing summary of the book using illustrations. I have yet to decide the best way to share the maps however. Our students have tablets so access is literally at their fingertips. What are your suggestions?

    • Hi, Wendy. If you want students to see your mind maps, just go to the “Share” icon in the top right side. Your students should create their own online accounts, and also download Mindomo (for free) from iTunes or Google Play Store. This way they will be able to see and even work on your mind maps, but also create mind maps of their own and share them with you.
      Mindomo Courses would be a much easier way to use mind maps with them (especially because the mind maps between you and your students are automatically shared), but this would imply students using Mindomo from the browser. I would love to talk more about your plan with Mindomo, so you can contact me at nadina.lupu@mindomo.com .

  5. I would like to try the course feature. I have stuents designing their own course packages, so this could be invaluable.

  6. mariajose moreno Reply

    me parece muy interesante porque aprendo mas, y uso mindomo con y responsabilidad y hasi podre estar mas segura de todo lo que creo y utilizo

  7. Halli salah Reply

    I love your tool and i hope use it in order to help my students learn drawing

    but i want to integrate your tool to my future website and put my own logo.

    sorry for my english because i’m french



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