If you have been mind mapping like crazy, and your friends and colleagues also shared their maps with you,  you might want to know how to put everything in order.

A handy solution is to organize your maps into folders.
This way you can classify maps according to their importance (e.g. separate work-related maps from personal development maps).
Also, you can put your shared maps into folders, a folder for each person that has been sharing maps with you.

Check out this video about this time-saving feature, then try it and let us know how it works for you.

Keep it smart, simple and creative!
The Mindomo Team

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  1. Never mind, I have just found the answer, in another post on this blog

  2. I rely on this feature, and it is very useful; but I would also like to be able to organise maps that are shared with me. Do please let me know if this is possible or coming soon!

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