Google Drive integration for safer, easier-to-create mind maps

By connecting your Mindomo account to Google Drive, your mind maps will be backed up and easy to reach from any PC, tablet or phone. Moreover, whenever you want to create and work on a new mind map, you can do it directly from your Google Drive account.

Keep your mind maps safe and within reach with Dropbox integration

If you are using Dropbox, you can connect your account to Mindomo and all your mind maps will be daily backed up to a folder on your Dropbox account. All we ask is your permission to access that particular folder, leaving the rest of your folders private.

Secure your mind maps with FTP integration

If backing up your mind maps with Google Drive or Dropbox doesn’t suit you, you can also choose to do the backup to an FTP account of your choice.

Activating your backups takes 3 easy steps: login to Mindomo, go to “More” in the upper right side and choose “Backup”.
Please take into consideration that these backup solutions are available only for our Premium users.


If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at or on the Mindomo chat. Also, feel free to give us your feedback here, in the comments section below.


Keep it smart, simple and creative!

The Mindomo Team


  1. Camilo Gonzales Reply

    Hello, this is the best app for mind mapping I found. Is there a way to link a topic directly to a folder or a file that is in Google Drive? It would be great for the cooperative functionality. Hope you are thinking in allowing that. Bye and keep up with the great work.

    • Hi, Camilo. For the time being there is no such feature in Mindomo. Thank you for the feedback and suggestion!

  2. My “Edu Basic” account is where I do my Mindomo work. But that account is associated with a non-Google, non-gmail email address. I really like the ease of the Google Docs integration. But is there a way to use the Google Docs integration with a non-Google Mindomo account?

  3. Franck Maintenay Reply

    if sync with Google Drive is simple, I don’t know how to for Dropbox and FTP. For Dropbox, I associated accounts but after that, how does it works ?
    Could you explain it (or tell me wherre could I find the answer) ?
    I just want to write an article on my blog about those functions.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Is there anyway to specify a folder for the backups to go to? Right now it seems the backups are just going to the main drive. I would love to be able and have it at least go into a “Mindomo” folder and not clutter up my main drive. Thanks.

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