Is hospitality part of your business?

With the launching of the new Professional Membership, we’ve been having several requests for clarifying the difference between a User and a Guest.  In order to have a clear understanding of the difference between these two concepts, try to keep in mind that the user and the guest have two different roles but the same purpose: online collaboration.

What is the best way to handle the Professional Membership of Mindomo?

The Professional membership represents one of the main contexts for developing hospitable collaboration.  The professional user can be seen as a Host, and the professional guest as a Guest, who is invited to collaborate in real time.

To make things clearer please take a look at the different roles of users and guests within the Professional Membership:

The Professional User:

  • has full and complete editing rights in the Professional package
  • can create mind maps
  • can invite other Mindomo Users as well as Guests to edit mind maps by sharing them

Professional Guests:  

  • can edit only the mind maps which are shared with them by Professional Users
  • cannot create mind maps
  • do no have and do not need a Mindomo account to edit a mind map, all they need is an email
  • address to access the mind map that is shared with them

Other Mindomo Users:

  • already have a Mindomo account and can edit a Mindomo map when it is shared with them
  • cannot create maps in the Professional User’s account, only in their own accounts

What’s the best way to share a mind map with a Professional Guest?

In the Share Settings panel, the Mindomo Professional User has to first select the Allow Guest Editing box and then enter the email address of the person he wants to collaborate with:

 If you already have a Professional Membership we hope you have started practicing hospitality in your business collaborations, management and team projects as you invited others to participate with ideas and feedback on the shared mind maps.

If inviting others to collaborate with you is still a challenge, please let us know how we can help, by leaving your comments on the blog or by emailing us at

Sharing good thoughts,

The Mindomo Team

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